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I find their shipping prices a little high. Im also wondering why they have a message that said your order should go out in a couple days. I feel that if im paying such high shipping cost that the items should go out the day I order it or at least the very next day. I have had orders take 10 days to get here. Anyone else have a problem with this?


   I have never had 1 problem with Inspector Outlet in almost 5 years of being a member of InterNACHI.  I had ordered 1 of the tactical shirts,  short sleeve navy blue and received a light blue long sleeve.  It bothered me at first and I was going to contact and send the shirt back in exchange for the one that I ordered.  Glad I didn't.  I have ordered several times and I'm fixing to order again. Shipping is very reasonable. 

Thanks for almost 5 years of being very satisfied with Inspector Outlet. You guy’s rock.

I actually have always recieved my orders before, the date anticipated. That is when I lived in Virginia, which is a lot further from Colorado than California.

Not sure what you ordered but it will be worth it.

Mr. Souza, the last order we filled for you was in February. Your FedEx charge was $13.62 and it shipped within 72 hours.

The order you placed today requires us to ship it in two boxes. One of your boxes weighs 25 pounds. The other box weighs 22 pounds. Your total shipping and handling on that 47 pounds of product was $38.16 and it’s all shipping today, same day.

The other option besides FedEx Ground would be USPS Parcel Post, which would be the cheapest we could send it via USPS. If you go to this link: and calculate the price for just the 25 lb. package, you’ll see it comes out to $33.82. This does not include the second package. Shipping prices are not going down, they’re going up, across the board. FedEx, UPS and USPS all raised their prices this year, as they’ve done every year since we’ve been in business. We do not price gouge on shipping, all of our calculated shipping costs are linked directly to our FedEx, UPS and USPS accounts. You pay what we pay. The only exception to this would be products that have a flat rate shipping cost no matter where you’re located, like our real estate marketing cards.

The inspection industry is very small. We only have about 3,400 regular customers. This creates spikes in our orders. Some days we only have a few orders and some days we get over 400 orders.

Inspector Outlet operates on only a 12% margin (which doesn’t include out credit card processing fees!) and essentially only exists as a service to InterNACHI members. For us to be able to always ship within 24 hours, we would have to pay 5 employees to wait around and do nothing on the slower days. That, in turn, would require us to raise our prices, or should I say “your” prices.

I’m thinking your inspection business operates similarly. Most of the time your clients probably don’t have to wait very long to book an inspection with you. But every now and then I imagine you book 12 inspections in one day and have to schedule them out over several days.

All “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection” book orders usually go out on the same day. And unless we get a freak spike in orders, where we have to pack them and ship them over several days, we stay late into the evening to get most orders out within 24 hours.

I also just checked your past orders. Your order from February shipped within one business day, and so did your order from January. If you want the order to arrive quicker, choose a faster shipping method! We offer FedEx 2nd Day, and USPS Priority Mail, both of which go by air.

Thanks for the fast reply. I did not mean to strike a nerve. I simply asked if any other inspectors had an issue with shipping times or rates. I though this was a message board to ask questions and get answers. You did not need to to start an inquisition post all my past orders online in an effort to discredit me. A simple answer would have sufficed. As for my last order, on the FIFTH day I received an email from Inspector Outlet saying my items have shipped and on the TENTH day i received them. I had to place another order today and got that same old message 'Your items should go out in a couple days" and THAT’S why I made the post. Again, I was asking inspectors if they had a problem with shipping times or rated and from their responses, you scored an A+. Be happy and thank you for shipping today. Once you provide me a tracking number I can watch its progress.
Thanks again

I use for most of my inspection needs. Pay $99/year and get free shipping on most purchases. Unbeatable!!!

Understood. You’re not striking any nerves. You brought up a complaint in a public area and I wanted to clarify our position. When you put this stuff on a message board in public, I will respond in public, and I will certainly start an “inquisition” into your past orders to figure out where your complaint stemmed from, as I take every single one of these issues personally. I would do the same if you’d emailed me privately.

I will never give just a simple reply, you are our customer and deserve the best explanation I can give. If you felt our service was so bad that you had to bring it up on the message board, then I absolutely am going to nitpick every detail until I find out what we did wrong. This is not just for your benefit, but for the benefit of those reading this thread and our reputation as a business. That goes for any complaint I receive.

In regards to your February order, I was wrong. It did come in on a Saturday, and it didn’t go out until Wednesday morning. So the third business day. We don’t ship on the weekend. We try our hardest to get things out in a timely manner.

Your order from today shipped, and we emailed you tracking info. FedEx picked up the boxes an hour ago.

Our products are unique to the inspection industry and we’re not going to put them on Amazon.

Sorry you took it as a personal attack. My complaint was mainly about cost and shipping time which you do not have control of either, What you do have control over is the time it takes to leave your facility and to be honest, the comments sent to buyers upon checkout are somewhat frustrating. To say " it should go out in a couple days" to me really sounds like “we will get to is when we feel like it” I know this is not your intent but perhaps rethinking that one statement might be something to consider. Maybe some think like, " your order is being processed and could take up to 2 business days to ship however we make every attempt to ship your item in a timely manor" It softens the edges.
I do thank you for answering questions about the order process and will continue to use your products. By the way, I notice that UPS is not one of your shipping options, do you think that could be a possibility in the future?

Thanks again

I ordered a case of NOW books at 10:49am today

Received email that they have been shipped at 2:26pm today.

No complaints here :slight_smile:

Inspector outlet has always been reasonably with me, shipping seems fair.

Shipping cost on my latest order was the best it’s ever been by a lot.

Thanks Chris. Please don’t think I’m angry, I did not take this as a personal attack. I love hearing from customers. It’s very hard to communicate feeling over text, and I was just trying to be as thorough in my explanation as possible.

I really like your statement for our shipping message, and I’ve changed it on our site to reflect your suggestion. Thank you!

In regards to UPS, we will actually be using them here very soon and offering them as a shipping option on the website. We just cut a big deal with them, and they are getting us all set up with a new computer, shipping software, etc. I’d expect it to be available here in the next couple weeks, assuming everything goes according to plan.

Good! I do not like FedEx. Had a lot of problems with them delivering on time. UPS has not missed for me yet.