New "INSPECTOR" T-shirts went on sale today. $5.

Heavy, 100% cotton, printed on both sides.

Anyone know how to get a hold of anyone at this store? Can’t checkout with a canadian address, called several times, sent emails, no response yet…

Ordered 5, looking forward to receiving them.

Michael, what did shipping cost you?

Rodney, check your inbox.

12.45 with Fed ex ground shipping.

These are really high-quality, thick, 100% cotton T-shirts with printing on 2-sides (printing designed to get you new inspection work btw) for $5.

With the printing, they cost almost $10.

Got Mine Today - Really Cool ! Nice weight heavy “Tee’s”

Got 1 of each:

“Inspected Once, Inspected Right”


“Anybody Else Is Just Looking Around”"

Just ordered 5…incredible price…!

Rec’d 2 of them. They look great. Easy way to easily keep branding alive and people thinking about home inspections. Thanks Nick…

Any way to get some in a combination polyester/cotton blend or with the cool max material. The cotton will shrink and also does not deal with sweat too well.