Inspector Sites web sites for home inspectors - Official Thread

You should put some links on you site for inspector web sites you have created & hosted.

Thanks for your reply…Valid idea… I used to do that, but decided not to anymore as not everyone likes having their site advertised like that.

You can see a few of your fellow inspectors sites links right here in this thread within their individual posts and if you want to see a few more just go to and in the search box input:
powered by
and you will see sevaral pages of websites you can look at.

Warning: Ainspect has a new name Active web group same old stuff…

please don’t use my “official” thread to bash another product, can an admin please remove that one single post…

I appreciate everyones comments and testimonials, please keep it civil, i don’t think its appropriate to knock another company or product

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Just an FYI, if anyone is considering signing up… you should do so by December 1, 2007 to save $100 because I will be increasing the setup fee from $199 to $299. The monthy fee will remain the same just the setup fee is going up.

I want to thank all of you for your great ideas. I have taken a lot of your ideas and will be releasing them into the system sometime in early 2008.

If anyone is looking to get a new website but needs quesitons etc answered, before you do… just send me an email to and I would be happy to help you.