Many people coming to an Inspection

Hello Everyone,
For some reason Inspections that I have been Performing seem to draw several people on an inspection. Example: Couple that hired me,
Their Parents, in-laws, throw in a friend or two, brother, sister.
I am not exaggerating. I can’t be the only one, has anyone had this situation, and if so how do you combat it.
This is the toughest part of my inspection these days.
*Any suggestions?:neutral: *

Eat a lot of beans before the inspection.

Explain to them that the seller still owns the home and has allowed us in to perform an inspection in order to fulfill the buyers clauses in the contract and that witout prior permission from the seller no one other than yourself the agents and the buyers should be present inside the home.

I had one last week with a business man, the person who actually hired me, that was helping 2 woman buy a house. Those 3 were there, one of their husbands and teenage son, plus the agent. I just kept busy, moving around a lot. The only one that had a problem was the agent, complaining it was taking too long, about 3 1/2 hours on a 3,000 sq.ft. house.They were asking a lot of questions which added to my time. I told the agent she didn’t need to stay and finally she left. Then it started going smoother. :slight_smile:

This is a requirement for my insurance company, I believe this is a crucial piece to have.

Presidential Inspections and its inspectors assume no liability to any person brought onto the premises by you the client. You understand and agree that you are fully responsible for any and all guests and vendors you may hire during the inspection. During the inspection hazardous conditions may be present and conditions may be unsafe or considered a hazard

Some companies have others.

I know it’s a pain in the butt to have everyone there, just politely ask them to allow you to perform the inspection, you wouldn’t want me to miss anything would you? After I’m all done I will go over the inspection with you, and then you can ask me any questions you like. would that be ok??

I get this ALL of the time.

Play it by ear… When you get a “Know it All” father or Father in law… I praise them for their knowledge and then turn them into a “Helper”.

I ask them to open and close doors and windows… raise or lower the drapes / venetian blinds etc.

Turn the lights off and on etc. plug in the GFCI tester so I can see if the GFCI plug works etc.

  • BEFORE I START THE INSPECTION…I explain my 37-year background, my technical expertise, and ALL of My certifications.
    When you get a “Combative” know it all … I EXPLAIN that I am the ONLY inspector in the house and that IF they can hold ALL questions until AFTER the inspection that I would appreciate it.
    {You DO NOT want to ***embarrass ***the client’s father or the Father in law.}

I have had “Contractors”, Structural and Electrical Engineers become “willing helpers” I have also had them back down and shut up…

Like I said … play it by ear…

You will soon get the hang of it … Good Luck!

I like when there are a lot of people.
Great for marketing.

Thank you for support and professional opinions, as I will take them with me to my next inspection.



Bring lots of Biz Cards, popcorn, games/books for the kids.
Most of all, be in control of your inspection from the start.


Realtor: “I am concerned for my client but please hurry up and do a fast inspection…”


Regarding the idea that many people show up at the inspection:

I tell everyone that I want the person in charge to STAY with me every step of the way
so we can talk about the things we find and do not intend on explaining the report
several times to various people. I then let them know that there may be debates in
the future about my findings and there is a way to stop the debates.

Step 1- … if you want to debate my findings, please be willing to write your opinion
and your license number in order to validate that you are qualified to challenge my report.

Step 2-… also include the source you are using to over rule my report (ie… code,
manufacturers installation instructions, etc…)

If your not qualified to write your findings with the proper credentials attached and
you cannot quote the source you use to challenge my report, then your opinion is
lacking. I direct these comments to future debates, but it also lets the people
present know that I know how to spot someone who does not know what they
are talking about.

This also helps to stop Realtors from playing with my words after the inspection is over.

My clients have said this has helped them filter through all the voices that want to
challenge my reports and find the truth in making repairs.

Hope this helps.