Not Responding

I recently placed a small order with to determine if I should place my $1500 order with them. One of the items was a Danger sign with plastic stand. The stand came in damaged and I informed them immediately upon opening the package. I have now attempted to contact the company 3 times and have received no response.

Has anyone had similar experiences, or am I not following the proper protocol for a replacement item? I have completed their form twice and contacted their sales department by hitting reply to their last mailing to me. I attached a picture to the last email.

I am assuming that I must be missing something since I trust InterNACHI to vet their recommended vendors. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

InterNACHI and InspectorOutlet are one and the same.

Thank you, I am learning.

No, Nick Gromicko is the founder of InterNACHI and his son Nikolai owns and runs Inspector Outlet. They share a space inside a building, but they are separate entities.
I stopped by and saw Nikolai today. He has had a nasty viral infection and that’s why he has been slow to respond. Not that much different than if you were to find yourself incapacitated for 3 weeks and unable to meet the inspections you had scheduled. Yes, he has employees, but when the main man takes a hit… well, you’ve probably been there.
I’ve been working with Inspector Outlet since their inception. 99% of the time they’re 100%, but there’s always a little that none of us can control.

Thank you Kenton. I fully understand that people get under the weather. I truly thought that I might not be approaching the return process properly since I was unable to find any method of communication except for the email. Your input is appreciated.

I’m well aware