now accepts online credit card orders from Canada.

Canadian customers of can now order online without having to call.

This is great!

Seems it is hard to get the shipment through customs?:frowning:


I use UPS as a broker for me for customs and don’t have any problems. They cover any duty charges on my credit card and deliver when cleared. Usually a day or 2 beofr the estimated delivery date. Having them broker saved me headaches and time. I’m sure other companies like FedX, etc will do the same.
By the way, there is no additional charge for the service.


Seem no one is home at the store??

I have been waiting since the middle of summer?? I did get emailed back but not lately, here is the last reply that i got Wed 9/23/2009 1:25 AM. I replied 2-3 times since but??
Wow, so sorry Chuck. The flashlights went out at the end of August, along with all of our Canadian orders, and they all got returned
because we apparently messed up the customs forms. I’m so so sorry.
I’m going to send you the two flashlights for free, and this time they are going Priority Mail, because it’s obvious that FedEx just doesn’t work. Thanks for waiting while we are learning the Canadian shipping system, it’s new to us as you are probably now aware.


Nikolai Gromicko
Inspector Outlet, LLC
Manager/Sales Department
(720) 272-8662

On Sep 22, 2009, at 1:03 PM, Chuck Crooker wrote:

> HI, anyone home??
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> HI Nikolai, we still have nothing here? Hope you had a great weekend
> (last one of the summer). Chuck.
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> Hi Chuck. Again, sorry for the delay. We’ve been doing our Canada
> shipments once a month, and yours is actually set to go out
> tomorrow. We will send you a bill for the cost and the shipping.
> I’ll throw in some freebies to make up for the delay, I’m sorry it has
> taken this long.
> Nikolai Gromicko
> Inspector Outlet, LLC
> Manager/Sales Department
> (720) 272-8662
> On Aug 24, 2009, at 6:59 PM, wrote:
>> Contact Name: Chuck Crooker
>> Phone: 519-751-3128
>> Email Address:
>> Comments or Questions: Has anyone there received my emails on the
>> flash lights??

Chuck, customs returned them again after tearing open the boxes again and they took their good ol’ time doing it. We only recently figured out how to get them through customs… we’ve shipped them again using USPS International.

Also, because you had to wait so long, your entire order is free. There is no bill enclosed.

Now thats service!!!

OK, thanx Nick.

Hey Nick,

Great to hear that Canadians can order from your store now too!

One question however:

regarding the flashlights (which sound great, and blindingly bright), the bulbs say they are rated for 30hrs. Do you sell the replacement bulbs as well, or are they typically available in hardware stores?


Greg Melien