Inspectors and brokers licensing law in puerto rico

Inspectors and Real Estate Brokers - Puerto Rico
The National Association of Real Estates Brokers in Puerto Rico Chapter PRAR, is having meetings to submit changes to the law that rules their licensing and are trying to include Law 93 from May 26, 2006. Law 93 is the Law that gave us the Inspectors the right to provide our services and the Law that provoke the Law Suit against Mary F. Ayuso and Nachi in Puerto Rico. If you are a Professional Home Inspector you need to participate in these forums and be pro active with your profession.
For any additional information please contact us at:
and you can call us at (787) 690-0512 or 690-0514.

Mary F. Ayuso
NACHI Puerto Rico

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Nick, what did you do now?:twisted:

Hi Mary
Can you give the rest of us a little history on this?

If this is in the middle of a lawsuit, they probably cannot say anything. The way i see it, NACHI lawyers are going to charge whether they are doing something are not.

Myself, I take ever chance I can get to raze Nick.:mrgreen:

Facts of the case may be disclosed. I wait patiently.

Can anyone give me the information on how and where to get my license for inspections in Puerto Rico. I will be relocating there next month.

Contact Mary. She gave you all the info, that you need to do that, in post # 1. She is the President of the Puerto Rico chapter. :slight_smile: