NACHI supported home inspection legislation in PR passes.

In Puerto Rico where previously real estate agents rarely recommended a home inspection, InterNACHI supported law #93 passed the Senate and Legislature which requires real estate agents to inform their clients that they have a right to perform inspections.


That’s great!
I’ll be looking forward to hear what Mary and her chapter have to say about this - and how their business increases!

Thank you all for the support. Do to this new law we just received 2 new members. Our seminars have increased by almost 75% of enrolled students and our inspection bussines has incresed by almost 80% of calls for inspections.
This is all GREAT for Inspectors in Puerto Rico.
Take care ; See you in Puerto Rico

Adelante, Mary !!!

It’s a year later, PR.

How are you enjoying your new law?

Seems that they are happy that real estate agents are required to inform their clients that they have a right to an inspection.

Mary is working on a big PR Convention for the beginning of October. I’m one of the speakers. I’ll have an announcement about the Convention soon.

Good news.

Thanks guys…but I was wondering if there was anyone in PR who could report on how the law is working.

Si, pero Usted no comprenderia.

el toro poo poo

I guess our NACHI members in PR are still celebrating their new licensing law in the streets and have no time to post.