Bill 1851 to License HI in Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico NACHI Chapter is happy and proud to announce that we FINALLY have a bill to license the HI Profesion.
We need all your support in the form of emails.
The bill is; P del S 1851.
We have been working very very hard with help and support from our now 74 members (we started with 2).
We have also been sued by the Engineers Board and we are also fighting this in court.
We have our plate full but we will provide HI with the best of the best… NACHI HI are all that and more.

Here are the emails of the comision that has the bill (they all understand english).
Please write and support us.


Good Luck Mary


Thank you all for the support.
Please all we ask;
Home Inspectors
Property Inspectors
Professional Inspectors and all others that are interested in have our profession licensed, we need the support to show thru emails to these senators.
Thank you, to all;
Mary F. Ayuso

74 NACHI members in PR. Wow!

Saludos a TODOS.

I think the number of 74 members is just the beginning and also in the same way the Real State Bussiness is some slow, the inspectors area is almost slow and people is just waiting for the final solution. Are the engineers going to win this or Mary is going to WIN? I said Mary and not inspectors becuae they are fighting with Mary directly, but Mary is fighting for all of us.

The support on this is very important and also any experience in any Chapter, that could give us some reference is important too.

William A. Rosario
W&C Home Inepctors

I dont know, but engineers in Puerto Rico have a lot of power, specially the engineer’s board (ciapr). You have to belong to the organization in order to get your engineer’s license. Therefore, they are in bed with the legislators. The worst mistake is to push for licensing. Let the market decide.

I remember receiving a rather pointed question from one engineer association’s members a year or so ago. He was also from Puerto Rico, and his questions were aimed at painting HIs as ill-trained and incompetent. Worse yet, he also attempted baiting me into stating that we perform EVALUATIONS, which we are not legally qualified to perform.

Watch your collective steps…

In Kansas 1&2 Family Houses are exepted from the laws governing engineers and archtects. At the Kansas Legislative hearings on Friday (2/9/07), a representative for the Engineering Board requested that PE’s be exempted from all requirements of the proposed licensure bill because:

(a) as engineers they have very a very high code of ethics and an engineer would never inspect something or prepare a report on anything they weren’t comfortable with; (b) even though not covered by state engineering laws, if an engineer ever messed up on a home inspection, the state board of engineers would censure or chastise him/her; © they undoubtably have intensely more education and training than a home inspector could have, so it would be an imposition to be licensed or governed by a HI Board.

In our state a PE is not required to have insurance to be licensed AND you could get a PE Designation in at least 45 disiplines I’m aware of that have absolutlely nothing to do with a house - such as: computer software technology; petroleum; robotics; environmental; etc, etc.

I know many states have done this, but your thoughts on EXCLUDING engineers in mass from HI laws.

You can get designation in any discipline that you want as an engineer. However, if you are for example and electrical engineer and decide to put your stamp on a structural engineering drawing and it fails, you are responsible for the failureon two counts: 1. the structure failed, 2. you are not an structural engineer. The result is that the engineer gets fined and can lose his/her license and cannot practice the profession.

I do understand that CIAPR is a very powerfull intitution in Puerto Rico, but I belive that if you do not stand behind your belives you will acomplish nothing.
79 members in less than 1 year and 300 students show how important and necessary we are. We are needed and with the support of all other HI in Puerto Rico WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE…
The biggest problem is being affraid of them or any other group. Everybody that know me and my conviction for our profesion knows I AM NOT AFFRAID. I will not allow any one group to take over the HI as their own specially the CIAPR. This board of eingeniers all they want is to do all the work and not recognize our profesionalism and our work. So as you can see or read we are working very hard to protect and make all HI in Puerto Rico and all NACHI members all over the world very proud.

Thank you;
Mary F. Ayuso

Does any have the contact information of Florida NACHI Chapter President?

The famous “Colegio de Ingenieros” or Engineers Small Group Association has a Chapter in Florida that reports to PR.

I’ll like to know the position of NACHI Chapter @ Florida in order to be able to understand thier position and experience with NACHI or any other group.

Does engineers in Florida are also trying to get control, or it’s just here in PR that we are so special?

Right now they start, locally in PR, a campaign, Radio, TV and newspaper, trying to scare or intimidate our people.

The information for the Engineers Chapter in FLorida is,

***Colegio de Ingenieros y Agrimensores de Puerto Rico ***

Capítulo del Exterior con Sede en Florida (EEUU)
911 N. Main St., Suite 7***-A
, ***FL******34744
Tel: (407) 931-3366
Fax: (407) 931-3644

Well hello to all…
Thursday - March 15, 2007.
In the San Juan Court House Room 907

CIAPR VS. Mary F. Ayuso, Preisdent of Nachi P.R.

The judge Hon. Oscar Davila Suliveres; said " To each it’s own. Each profesional has a job keep on working"…know we need to make a list of each professionals responsabilities which off course WE did CIAPR did NOT. Are they accepting that they do not know or maybe not ready to disclose their responsabilities. Or is it that they may fail or because they ARE AFRAID VERY AFRAID. In their ad campain say we are fraudulent and we steal customer of their money. As my adorable husband says WE ARE THE FUTURE. We had a pack court room and all HI. CIAPR brought a new attorney WHY CASE TO BIG TO HANDLE or because they could think we can and will prevail.

Thank you to all for your support.
As always we appreciate your support thru email’s.

CIAPR will use all his power and $$$$$ to start promoting their project in the Legislature, PC3129, PR Chapter is not as big as CIAPR neither has funds to provide consumers a Professional and Elegant response to the Campaign they start already, blaming between lines, in the News, Newspaper and Radio.

At least I think we should have a FULL PAGE with a proper, professional, real, elegant and oriented response to our people, consumers, realtors and banks.

Honest will give us CONFIDENCE with Consumers.

Unfortunatly I don’t think the PR Chapter will have funds for this and my question is, Which type of Support our Local Chapter received from Central Offices?

Which Legal Support are they going to provide our Chapter in order to fight this in the Legislature?

Why we haven’t received any visit to give our inspectors some confidence in the support NACHI Central Offices will be providing and letting only The Ayuso Family fight this by themselves.?

I hope NACHI Big Guys are not waiting for the Signature of the LAW to decide to visit us and give us any support.

Good question and worth a good answer.!!!


Just expecting the real answer.

Why Central Offices don’t provide some percentage of membership fee to the Chapters in order to be able to have some funds to deal with this type of situation or any other.

Are we going to need an Organization like NACHI once we have the Law signed?

The time to demonstrate the interest in our chapter is now.

I am at odds here. I am a home inspector and professional engineer (NY, Florida, and Puerto Rico). I oppose licensure in any way, shape or form. Let the lynching begin…

Many in NACHI agree with you sir.

Step right up, what’s your shirt size ? LOL :shock: :shock: :shock:


I can sympathize with your issues in the island. It is very sad that just because you guys are so far away from the mailand can not get the necessary support form the legal staff and management of NACHI. I run a successfully business in Florida but I’m also a Puertorican and soon I will be moving to my lovely Isla and wanted to continue my business across the Island. My plans are to franchise the company. Hopefully, by that time these issues will be resolved. NACHI staff is known by fighting back for our rights. If I can be of any help please do not hesitate to contact me. As a matter of fact I will be in PR on the 2nd week of April. Love to swing by and meet you.

I’m very disappointed that you guys have being ignored by NACHI. As a member of NACHI you guys should continue demanding Nick’s support. I’m sure he will take action. Nick come on, this is up your alley bro!=D>

Here is one of the most active participant of NACHI (Florida) Step byStep Home Inspection also Harvey Gordon is the [size=]
Founding President/Executive Director[/size] NACHI Florida. He should be able to provide some support and advise and how to handle and tackle your issues. Also a great Puertorican. Good luck hermanos!

Oh, by the way I’m also an Engineer and I’m ready to go back to the island and fight for the Home Inspector’s rights. I’m sure that NACHI will come forward…I’m I correct Nick?


Good luck in your fight! Be strong, and be safe.