US Inspect - issues with getting paid

Have done two inspections for US Inspect and getting the run-a-round on payment. The first one was in December and one in January. Have called about six times asking what the issue is with no resolution. Called them today and told them I would not do any more work for them unless they paid me before services were rendered. Wandering if they are going to pay eventually, or just rip me off. Who here has experience dealing with them? Should I continue to wait or just go ahead with small claims case? It only costs $78 where I’m located.

If you search the board, and Nick hasn’t deleted it, you will find a few threads where other inspectors have had the same issues with them.


I did two inspections for US Inspect. One in December and one in January. After I threatened to sue they paid me for December. Still getting jerked around and haven’t been paid for January. If anyone gets contacted to work for them expect similar BS.

I am having the same issues. No one returning calls or emails 3 1/2 months behind and no payment. Does anyone have a good phone # to call them with? Accounts payable? Someone who cares?

Several years ago I had a similar issue with a relo company. I started asking the people who they worked for; where they were being relocated to; etc; HOW to contact them if I needed to get them; etc.

When I had NOT been paid after say 45 days, I called the relo company 2 times … 1 week apart asking for $$$$$$

If I did NOT get it I contacted the people and their employer, etc.

I got paid VERY quickly.

Never liked them.
I was slandered by one their inspectors one time. Picked up the phone & promised them if it ever happened again I would sue them.

I have never liked them since the Clemon’s house in Longwood.

Hi Greg hope you’re doing AOK!

A half-million-dollar house recently declared uninhabitable by Seminole County building officials had termite damage

Where in Longwood and what happened I grew up in Lake Mary ( next door) but am 4hrs away now so no threat lol

Hi Mark

Doing well thanks. Hope you are the same.

Close to I-4, don’t recall exact location. Never heard about the final outcome. Last I heard they were tied up in court. Mr Clemons had a stroke and never recovered.

E.E. Williamson & Markham Woods Rd.

House was cut in half horizontally, and the lower half was rebuilt. Wood damage was beyond extensive.
Then it was foreclosed a few years later.

I’ve done quite a bit of business with US Inspect (over 400 inspections) and did not have problems until now. The following is copied from another post I made.

I performed inspections for US Inspect from June 2015 to December 2018 mostly for Home Partners of America. They were always great to work with up until now.

I don’t know what is going on with that company anymore and I thought maybe I could find someone with some information. One real estate agent told me USI lost the contract with Home Partners, but I could not verify this with anyone in the USI office in Chantilly, VA.

They still owe me $6600 and are completely ignoring my calls and emails. Then today I got an anonymous email from US Inspect, Inc (not US Inspect LLC) telling me they sold their assets and I should not expect payment??

There are similar stories to mine on the BBB website.

Anyone have a similar situation?

And does anyone know if there is a way to get them to pay?

I made an appointment with an attorney to file a claim.

I’ve done a couple for them in the past pre 2018 and it always took a lot of effort to get paid, they won’t pay and then they have a inspection to get done and I refused unless they paid up from previous, I should have stopped there because they still haven’t paid me for 2 inspections in July and August 2018 for $658. I keep trying but I haven’t been paid, I’m in Canada so how am I going to get paid!!! don’t do work for them!!! if someone knows an agency that could collect for me please PM me.


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