Inspectors Caught on Camera in Houston, Texas!



Reporters must have nothing else to report… who cares!

I care they are trying to make sure my tax dollar is not wasted Thanks for the report Joe … Roy Cooke

Come on Justin at least the story is not about the election. Although I would say that as I cant vote

Your tax dollars are wasted every day by the US Government on things you don’t even know about… If inspectors are at the Gym, taking long lunches, whatever… as long as they are getting their work done who cares! No tax dollars getting wasted…

Look at Firemen… I see them at my Gym during work hours, walking around town, running down the street, shopping, etc. etc. Yes they have their radios with them if they get calls for service…

Bottom line, who cares! I guess micro-managers do…

Has this happend here too?

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Pay for the work per the hours that are required for the job to be done!

I am sure the story is the same in many areas, there are other inspectors around the country who took or take bribes and did the same that the Texans did, if I was a taxpayer in that city I would be upset too, and the bottom line would be a full investigation.

Ask some about the Crossed Neutral $ in an envelope and the story will get clearer.

They did the same thing down here a couple of years ago, but it was on home inspectors. Needless to say, you can use your imagination as what went on.

Per this article - now you wonder why all these new roofs here in FLA are not installed to code???

Falsification of timesheets is very common here in Chicago.
The trick is not getting caught. What is even better are those that do get caught by T.V. News reporters shove it back in the reporters face and state “so what are you going to do about it”…

Come to the “city that werks”… Chicago… Nepotism, corruption, bribes, from the top down is such old news… You would have to ask who is legit in this town… Union protection and political clout… :roll: Only the Fed’s can try and clean this town…

Need something done…Good luck… Pay off the right people and you have it done…:wink:

Hi Joe!

Good article!
City and State inspectors are hired to help protect the public from shoddy builders. Like the slacker “caught on tape” those that shirk their duty deserve to be fired.

Look what happened to the “big dig” in Boston. Hundreds of millions of dollars over budget, and a portion of the tunnel collapses killing a woman and injuring her husband.

lets hear it for all of the city and state inspectors who took their liquid lunches and didn’t even bother to do their job.

I wonder how anyone can be an apologist for this type of behavior. It makes me wonder what type of shoddy inspector they are, and what corners that they cut on a daily basis.

I guess that the standard response will be “Oh no, I am perfect, I would never stoop so low as to cut any corners, and screw over my clients:^o …but it is okay if City & State inspectors do.”

There is an old saying…Show me who your friends are…and I will show you who you are!

So…show me illegal, immoral or unethical behavior that you condone…and I will show you what is in your heart.

Patrick, You will have a friendly vist,


The news story was not about Inspectors who accomplish their work and use the additional time for personal duties. The video shows one Inspector not performing an inspection at all.

To answer your question of “who cares?”, the new home owner cares quite a bit when they receive a shoddily built home! These Inspectors are there to make sure the builder is following specific guidelines and if the Inspector is not doing their jobs the new homeowner suffers!

Inspectors should do good inspections and exercise due diligence for any inspection… after or before their inspections I could careless what they do. Whether work out at the Gym, shop or whatever…

For those that favor micro-management of personnel… I recommend time logs. Even a “log” log… Do you know what a “Log” log is…!!! Every time a person goes to the bathroom, it should be posted in the time log. Every action and minute throughout the day should be accounted for…

Being sarcastic ofcourse!

It is simple it is called stealing.
Wether it is a car a quart of milk or time from the town .
It is wrong and should not be condoned .

Roy Cooke

Do firemen steal when they do their peronsal chores… I have friends that are firemen that do all kinds of personal stuff near the vicinity of their fire station… some of them even have businesses on the side, that they handle while they are at the station between calls for service.

Is this stealing?

Are you in politics it looks like you must be, we are talking about inspectors paid to do a job if they do not want to do it then leave .
This attitude cost many dollars in the world .
I guess my conscience is different then yours .
I have seen home inspectors who do 20 minute inspections and miss things makes us all look bad .
If paid to do job you should do the job.
If we all ripped people and companies off like this then society would fail
Roy Cooke


There are firemen who are lazy and twist the system BUT most firemen are hardworking and rise to the unfortunate circumstances that are presented to them. I have been a firefighter for 32 years. People forget that firefighters are on for 24 hours at a time. They shop for food and supplies during their shift. They are also expected to maintain a level of physical fitness and workout during their shift. Most departments have a schedule of activities that must be completed in a workday. Typically this will include inspections, maintenance and training between responding to calls. If your in a slower station, you may sit down for a meal. In busy stations, it will be grab and go food. If you have completed your tasks for the day, then you are free to so whatever you want. Firefighting can be hours of boredom followed minutes of frantic activity . A good example was the time the axle busted on a LPG tanker breaking off the supply line. 4000 gallons of LPG with a candle on it. Good news was we didn’t have to worry immediately about an explosion, bad news was there were 4000 gallons that was starting to get warm.

Just another day in the life of a firefighter,