New Inspector in WI

Hi Everyone - Just wanted to introduce myself and let you know I’m looking forward to participating in this forum. After years of wanting to take the plunge and become a home inspector I’m finally well on my way. Completed training through AHIT in November and am finishing up studying to take the national/state exams. I was hoping that someone out there in WI would be willing to let me shadow for a few inspections. Being onsite during an actual inspection seems to be the one of the best ways to learn. I’d gladly provide lunch/donuts and coffee :D.

Thank in advance,

Ryan Bielen
Peace of Mind Home Inspections LLC
Hatley, WI 54440

Ryan, good luck and we are glad to have you on the forum. Hopefully one of the WI guys will take you under their wing.

What! No cheese curds? Good luck with that!!! :stuck_out_tongue: