Inspectors wanted (New Orleans/Slidell LA)

Hi to all,

I am looking for a couple of inspectors to perform some limited insurance based inspections in the Slidell & New Orleans areas.

Please email me direct:



Gerry, is that you in a suit and tie? Can this be the new you, or the influence of she-who-must be-obeyed?


I’ve sent you an email concerning New Orleans/Slidell.

Jerome Cartier
Cartier Fine Home Inspections, LLC

**Gerry,I sent an email as well in regards to The Crescent City.:nachi: **

I would be glad to take care of those for you. I do inspections in New Orleans and Slidell everyday. Give me call anytime at 504-722-6137. Thanks.

Slidell got hit hard during Katrina! I have a long time friend from there and his neighborhood was all but wiped out. (Where yeah at Kevin?, Love ya Bro)