Lakeland Inspection Needed

Got one in Lakeland to refer.
Call me 954-326-2679 or email

I just sent Donald Stiller a message, that might be his area. What County is it in?

Polk County thanks Mike.

Anytime :slight_smile:

I just heard back from Donald, not in his area.

Marc did you try to call me? I got a broken message. I sent a response to the number it came from. If it was you and you got the message please let me know.

Yep it was me. Got your text with the retrofit info.

Still need someone up that way for a 4000 sq ft home.

Marc, I am open Friday if you still need someone. Usually don’t go that far, but willing to help out.

Hey Brad thanks!
I’ll call you tomorrow with info & scenario.
Bought a foreclosed home via online auction.
Never had the opportunity for inspection with H2O/electric on etc.
Should be MORE than interesting.
I think he needs a “favorable” 4 point for insurance as well as a windmit.
Al made it to Chicago Cub minor team but had to go in another direction.
Now has a 1 yr old with leukemia. :frowning:
I thought of you but it’s approx an hour away.

What exactly would that be? :roll:

I think that is the clients HOPE. I know Marc is not requesting anything soft. He does stuff right.

Just asking as I have never heard of such an inspection.

All’s cool Mike. Like many others have done my life is now much better without trouble makers in it!

Eric C. Van De Ven]( This message is hidden because evandeven is on your ignore list.

I never said he was.

I was just wondering if this is some new type of inspection.
No reason to get defensive…or is there?

Maybe it is listed in one of the NACHI courses…:wink:

This post is for helping out a consumer & getting members work not trouble making from a bad rash that everyone knows about.

Eric C. Van De Ven]( This message is hidden because evandeven is on your ignore list.

You are the one who posted it:

And, if you were truly trying to help out a consumer, you could have emailed Brad, not posted you feelings about what you think a consumer needs.

Wa wa wa that’s all we hear from you lately. Go fishing or running in this heat, you know you like too :slight_smile:

Already have…:wink:

And probably at first light too…Freak :slight_smile: