$75 inspectvue software discount!!!!!

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to add… anyone interested in purchasing Porter Valley’s InspectVue Program software, the best in the industry, let me know. As an authorized Dealer I can pass on a $75 discount to you.

Feel free to call me at (949) 331-2602 or email me directly at:
americandream1@cox.net If you are interested.

You can also view a full Sample Inspection Report at my Inspection website below.

Thank you,

Justin, Inspector and Authorized Dealer for Porter Valley Software
American Dream Home Inspection



InspectVue is far more superior… I have tried samples of HomeGuage and was not impressed.

I have no problem with you giving an opinion on software but in the interest of disclosure you should clearly state that you sell competing software in every post yo umake on the subject.

I have the real deal (full versions) for both and find HG to be far superior… to each his own I guess. Free is a good price;-)

This message board is not a real estate transaction… I didn’t know DISCLOSURE was required for every posting!!! :slight_smile: Besides, I not only sell the product, I use it…

Justin, as a recent convert from Inspectvue to Homegauge, I can assure you Inspectvue can’t touch Homegauge. When it comes to picture annotations, report speed, template usage, and report management, Inspectvue just falls short. I can buy Inspectvue commercial for what $2000, on top of the original purchase? Homegauge- included. Done. Can you tell if someone read your report with Inspectvue? No. Can you with Homegauge? Yes.

You should also be sure to make everyone aware that with an inspectvue purchase, you can check in but not check out. That is- no selling it- period. Be ready to eat that $1000 when you wake up and realize Lorne is a better salesman than he is an inspection software programmer. I’m not saying he is a bad programmer, just that he doesn’t meet my inspection needs anymore. Homegauge is the inspector’s software.

And the fact that you highly endorse a product that you have a financial interest in doesn’t help your case.

Dang, I just paid for it. I did get a fantastic deal thanks to Erol and Russell though, so I can’t complain. I am still happy as a …happy thing.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions…

Justin, why not consider calling Nick and get a free version before they are gone. It will help you do your comparisons…and who knows maybe we can convert you to HomeGauge one day?

All I have to say is that I feel bad for Dominic. All the time and effort he has put in working with NACHI and now he is getting the rug pulled out from under him. Whatever happened to being impartial to ALL vendors Nick ? I would have sold you the rights to 100 licenses to our software for half the price and saved NACHI $50K !

Jeff Knight
Knights Software Solutions

Is this the same Jeff Knight from ITA’s Software???

Yes it is… but I am no longer with Borealis but have started my own business about 2 years ago and have brought with me the original software that is handheld based for the home inspection market for the past 10 years. Still working with most of the original clients of Borealis except for ITA since that contract was exclusive with Borealis.

Jeff Knight
Knights Software Solutions

Just wondering what stops an inspector from becoming a dual member AFTER they get their free HomeGauge license ? Does it become inactive then ?

Jeff Knight
Knights Software Solutions

Does the complaining in here ever stop.

The complaining never stops… and people feel good when the complain. Some message board threads are smimilar to the show, “THE VIEW”… squawking is fed by more squawking…

If it ever stops I will cease coming here.
If all was sugar and spice ,the information would no longer be there.

Home Inspectors are professional critics and as such will do more complaining than your average Bear.