Insulated PEX Touching Recessed Lights

I know of the 6” horizontal and 12” vertical rule. The plumber has put regular pipe insulation around the pex where it is touching the cans. Is that a “fix” for a heat source?

Only if it’s asbestos!

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Is the can light ICC rated?

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Yes it is.

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I get that the insulation can touch, but under PEX’s side it doesn’t show exceptions. From a practical standpoint I understand that it is probably fine.

IMO, that TYPE of insulation should never touch. It is not designed to protect from excessive heat. Look what happens when it is too close to a WH flue pipe. Hold a match to it and see what happens!

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57. TYPE IC — A luminaire marked “TYPE IC” may be installed where insulation and combustible
materials are placed in direct contact with the sides and the top of the luminaire.

Source: UL marking guides and definitions

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Nothing wrong with calling it out. If nothing else, it will put the blame on the builder if it ever does melt through and flood the house.
Just not a good idea. Even IC rated cans get pretty warm if it has incandescent.


You’ve answered your own question.

IRC P2609.2

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Could you not just move it? Your spending a lot of time and effort on this…