Insulation blanket on heater

Hello All. Just wanted to present a discussion point about insulating a water heater with a secondary blanket. These are able to be purchased at various box stores and at first thought to the average consumer, is a wise decision. However, this is not recommended by most manufactures as today’s unit’s exceed the NAECA standards. This excerpt is from Rheem’s installation manual:

“Insulation blankets, available to the
general public, for external use on gas
water heaters are not necessary. The
purpose of an insulation blanket is to
reduce the standby heat loss encountered
with storage tank heaters. This water
heater meets or exceeds the National
Appliance Energy Conservation Act
standards with respect to insulation and
standby loss requirements making an
insulation blanket unnecessary.
The manufacturer’s warranty does not
cover any damage or defect caused by
installation, attachment or use of
any type of energy saving or other
unapproved devices (other than those
authorized by the manufacturer) into, onto
or in conjunction with the water heater.
The use of unauthorized energy saving
devices may shorten the life of the water
heater and may endanger life and property.
The manufacturer disclaims any
responsibility for such loss or injury…”

What’s even more interesting is that our very own NACHI recommends installation of this in the “How to Perform Energy Audits” course. In Section 19, “Home Owner Checklist”, it reads, “Check to see if your water heater has an insulating blanket. An insulating blanket will pay for itself in one year or less!”.

I’m not trying to crack on NACHI, but this clearly suggest that a blanket should be installed. My question is, if installed and failure happens, I would assume most “home warranties” would also disclaim coverage. That leaves the home owner asking their friendly inspector as to why this wasn’t brought up. Although we do not determine manufacture or warranty coverage, it’s still a call that you don’t want.

So when you see a blanket, suggest it be removed, not added.

It has been proven the blanket are not worth it.

I agree insulation blankets are gimmicky…then again, what isn’t now in this profession? :cool:

And just because INachi says something or offers an opinion, it doesn’t necessarily make it so :wink:

There are many things that have found their way into iNACHI training that aren’t quite accurate. The training is still very valuable and worthwhile, but not everything should be taken as gospel.

There was a thread in here a while back that discussed the thoughts that installing an insulating blanket actually cost money and didn’t save it. Found it. Interesting reading.