Thermal Blanket on water heater??

Thermal blanket on water heater. Do they really serve a purpose anymore? What do you say about them?

The new water heaters are very well insulated. I had a code official red tag the installation of my new water heater in the garage for not having a blanket… until I showed him the Manufacturers installation instructions that said none was needed. In fact it recommended that one not be installed.

When he left with a harrumph… I smiled… and kept smiling for hours.

Good for you !

Water heaters do not need insulation blankets as they are factory insulated already.

When I do find them, its wrapped around an electric water heater. I don’t even call them out anymore. I simply tell my clients that they are not needed.

In fact, some manufacturers will void their warranties if a blanket is installed.

True: A thermal image before/after a thermal blanket install would reveal it does help. Im planning to install one on mine, my warranty is gone anyway.

I write a limitation comment in the inspection. That it limits inspection of the unit. Unless you can remove it you can not see the whole tank. And it may hide issues.

Getting a good image with one installed will be very difficult if it has a reflective outer coating as many of them do.

Proper emissivity settings will help.