Water Heater Blankets

What do you say about water heater blankets?

Depends on how much of it I can see and how old I think it is.
If the blanket is loose and its a crappy vacant house I will tear it off for safety reasons so I can see the whole unit.
The media is still telling people that these save energy.
Guess they never owned a thermos bottle…
Water heaters have super insulation, a wrap could cause condensation and shorten the life of the unit.

I asked that question to a WH manufacturer and the reply was that it voids the warranty.

I rank them right up there with an electrical panel that has three coats of paint

I rank them up about three notches above stupid;-)

Totally useless.
Unfortunately one of my regular agents started chiming in the other day about adding
an insulation blanket to a water heater to the clients. I merely informed them that
it provided minimal energy savings.

What specifically about them voids the warranty? I believe you just think this would be the next question from the buyer.

I posted their response on another thread somewhere.

There it is:

The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover any damage or
defect caused by installation, attachment, or use of any type of
energy saving or other unapproved devices (other than those
authorized by the manufacturer) into, onto or in conjunction with
the water heater. The manufacturer will not accept any liability
for loss or injury resulting from the use of such unauthorized
devices. The use of unauthorized energy saving devices may
shorten the life of the water heater and may result in property
damage, personal injury, or death.
Thank you,
Département du Service à la clientèle
Customer Service Department
Giant inc
11021 Rue Notre Dame Est, Montreal, QC, H1B 2V5
TEL: 514-645-8893 1-800-363-9354 Fax :514-645-8413

I carefully cut them open to see the condition of the unit if I can without causing too much damage. If I can’t fully see the outer shell, I say so in the report. I don’t otherwise address the presence of the blanket. I keep moving…got other dumber stuff to see and document.