Insulation health hazard?

I inspected an old house built in 1928 today, the eave storage areas have johns-mansville long fiber rock wool batt insulation with paper vapor barrier, I don’t know the age of the insulation. Does this have asbestos or formaldahyde in it?


Great find, thanks.

I know I can always count on getting reliable information here.


More information on Rock wool insulation while searching for info from yesterday’s inspection.

insects appear to like it as well.

If you can’t find viable info on any topic on this board then you aren’t looking hard enough :wink: Great site Dale.

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I became interested in RW after watching Holmes on Homes, a while back. The tan/light brown insulation he uses on his show is RW(so I’ve been told). So I looked it up, needing a choice for insulating my unfinished basement from the heated space. I found great information making the material very positive, one being it’s resistance to fire, basement fires scare me since usually you have to walk across the same floor being cooked to get to the seat of the fire. Well to shorten this, RW products are only for residential use in Canada. Not in the US, they are listed only for commercial use, per the manufacturer sites I found. I could just ignore the manufacturers information, but that seems not like me…