Insulation type

What would be the insulation type for the attached images of insulation?
Fiberglass batt is in the backround for distinction.



Looks like old Rockwool or “slag wool”

Slag wool is a manmade vitreous fiber made by spinning slag into insulating fibers.

There is another type called mineral wool but its usually white like cotton.

Yeah, that’s definitely rock wool insulation.

Not a problem with this insulation.

I thought is rock wool, but the client said he thought that it may contain asbestos. Thanks for the input David.

Mineral wool or “rock wool” or “slag wool” building insulation is not asbestos.

One of rock wools ingredients is actually limestone.Hence the name rockwool.
The next question this leads to would be is the wool really from sheep?
That ,I don’t know.

All of you who said “Rock Wool” does not contain asbestos need to read this article… Rock wool and the company Rock Wool Insulation used large amounts of asbestos in their products and the EPA rates this material as highly dangerous. I almost followed some of the advice here once and sent my clients on their way impervious to their toxic attic. Always check multiple sources before taking someones advice, you can never be too sure.

Read more carefully.

Or giving advice