Insulation Pics

Does this look like vermiculite to you guys? This appeared to be mixed in with wool insulatin, like this was spread out over the top of it. Thanks.

It appears to be zonolite/vermiculite and shredded newspaper.This was touted an easy upgrade for the owner to do. I did this technique to my old home in 1979. The shredded newspaper was treated with borax to reduce fire and be rodent proof.
If I only knew then what I know now…The common belief was that the homeowner added the shredded stuff to the original layer and then “fluffed” them up to add small airpockets, hence adding to the “R” value.

Thanks Terry. I don’t see this stuff too often, so I just wanted an extra opinion. looks like my initial hunch was correct.

Another good reason to wear a mask while in the attic…possible ACM.

That definetely looks like vemiculite, from what I can see.