Insulation Stripped back too far....need narrative.

Looking for a narrative explaining why the insulation on the main service conductors shouldn’t be stripped back too far.

308 Highland Horizon 7-9-11 021.jpg

Please explain the hazard you see.

Although it may be sloppy IMO there really is no hazard or violation worth mentioning.

I agree - no big deal here. The only real issue you have is with the grounding conductors that are attached to the neutral terminal on a remote (sub) panel.

Are you sure it’s a sub panel? Since it’s on the outside of the building I would guess that the conduit on the right side comes from the meter enclosure.

No, not completely sure. I can see the bonding strap now that you’ve enlarged the picture, so it’s possible this is service equipment. Although I wouldn’t expect to see both a neutral and EGC coming from the meter enclosure.

George, first off let me say that I do not think the wires in your photo are excessively stripped. If I did, I might use something like:

Other than NEC 110.3(b) Mfg Rqmts I’m not aware of another citation that is applicable. Common sense does come into play though.

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It’s the main. The sub is in the garage. Thanks All!!

What are the other breakers for?
I see a couple of grounded conductors and all are 240 circuits.
Dryer and kitchen stove?

Yes, unless that is a GEC run in the service raceway then it should not be there. There should be no EGC’s on the line side of the service disconnects. For what it’s worth I can only see 3 conductors. :slight_smile:

It could use one of these


I guess you’re right. The stranded AL comes from the other side…

Why would it need a hub?

These wires are stripped too far:

My comment on the report:
“It appears that the insulation has been stripped excessively on the right side of the panel at the breakers. Recommend having a licensed electrician repair as needed.”

Most breakers have wire strip lengths/gauges marked on them. I would expect that main panel lugs would have something similar in the instructions or listing. And the reasons for that would be similar.

That does appear to be more wire stripped off the feeders than I would expect to see. Might be a concern related to incidential contact with a bare feeder wire for someone working inside that panel. It’s also possible that an appropriate amount of the insulation was stripped off, but the wire was not fully inserted into the lug.

I would have made a note of it, but not as a significant issue if there appeared to be a solid connection. Maybe something along the lines of …

And for what it’s worth it does look like all 6 ground wires are run with the 4 circuits to the inside of the house. Jeff … you might have seen a stripe on one of the 3 feeder wires that looked like a ground.

JMO & 2-Nickels … :wink: