Insulation Question

Is it possible to know if this insulation contains asbestos without doing a lab test?

Baldwin-ehret-hill mineral fiber insulation


I personally have never heard mineral fiber might contain asbestos.

Thanks Bob, either have I so I figured I would ask for some opinions. This SHI^%^%T was nasty and old not to mention a tight squeeze LOL


I think they used to spray that stuff with endust or something because I always feel filthy after crawling through it.:slight_smile:

Just gotta check underneath it for where the real asbestos is (oops).

I love how I gotta recommend a moisture barrier in my report even though the places are over fifty years old and dry as a bone.The clients must roll up their eyes to see that.

Check again here;

Asbestos Containing Products

B&W boiler
B-H expansion joint
Baldwin-Hill cement
Baldwin-Hill products
bead board
BEH block
BEH cement
BEH pipecovering

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fiber that is mined. Since mineral wool is a man-made fiber, it does not contain asbestos. I’ve read about mineral wool, asbestos and resins mixed together to manufacture a couple specific industrial insulating products, but it’s not likely the kind of stuff used for residential insulation.

Sweettttt Bob, now that’s what I am talking about bro.!!

great info as always…

I hope you guys are still in the mood to help identify this brand …

Tom, would you have a bigger photo? That one is kind of small. :slight_smile:


Well it does look like fiber insulation of some sort.
Did you grab the name of the product on the bag?:slight_smile:

Thanx Marcel…

The bag was ripped in half, with the other half missing.

Tried to blow up the pic looks like it says----SS Fibre probably rockwool (mineral) insulation. To the left of the picture the 2 wires…is that knob and tube?