Insurance Agent Call

Got a call today from an Insurance Agent wanting to know if I did a full home inspection report on a property (5 years in age) that they recently got a request to insure, the client submitted a wind mitigation report that we performed.
After receiving the name of the client, from the agent we discovered that we indeed did a full report and wind mit. The agent kindly asked if I would send them a copy of the home inspection report. I kindly refused and said that if she wanted a copy she would have to obtain it from the client. I then asked why she was asking for it and she said that her underwriter was asking for it.

Has anyone else had this happen to them lately? If so what was your reaction?
It appears that some underwriters may be trying to get information about property through this avenue. Just a heads up !

All of the foreclosures/bank owned properties that I have inspected, I am getting a bunch of calls from the agents. I tell them the same thing you did and actually ask, if they are your client, why are you asking me, shouldn’t you ask them?
Then I contact my clients and let them know what is going on. It appears, they are looking for previous damage and want to know if it was fixed.

Get ready people, in case you have’t figured it out, the insurance companies will soon be running the home inspection profession.

Ditto here.

We are regularly asked to provide a 4 point for the insurance company on thesr

The op was talking about a full inspection and a copy of the inspection. The insurance companies have gotten wise to the fact that most of these homes need in excess of 10K worth of work, just to fix the stuff wrong that was visible.

These are agents cold calling asking me to supply them the full home inspection report that we did for the client. This is not a 4 point we did for the client. It does appear that they seem to be for previous bank owned properties as Eric has mentioned

I understand what the topic is about. What I am explain is that we do a lot of inspections on homes of this type and are asked to provide a four point. Actually a lot of our clients have already spoken to the insurance agent prior to calling us and tell us they will need a four point as well. Just explaining what we go through.

In the Port St. Lucie area we are seeing lenders on homes that are flipped in less than 90 days require their borrowers provide them a HI report. Then they are requiring that certain items (in their estimation only) be repaired and that a re-inspection be done to verify repairs.

Verified an ext door frame was repaired last week on a job I did not originally inspect. 3 minutes on site, including unlock, a piss and lock back.

Pete, is a piss part of your SOP. :mrgreen:

SOPiss. Take it whenever possible during a busy day…

I’m wondering how long it will be before Realtors wise up and start soliciting requests for the New Citizens Four-Point Form in lieu of full home inspections… We have some very sharp Realtors in the Tampa Bay market, my guess is it won’t be long. :-k

I have one guy that does it already but just not often enough. He also requests a verbal WDO inspection.

It always amazes me that someone buying a home wants the cheapest price they can get on most inspections.

If it were me I would want the best. A home is one hell of an investment.


Money Pit.

Wonder what DACS would say to that?

As I said requests :slight_smile:

I get them all of the time. They get a faxed copy of the report, but they need/want the full color photos etc. from the old owner. It takes time to do this. I say charge them for a new inspection or charge them a fee worth your time (at least enough to buy your lunch). or tell them to call President Obama (he will gladly give it to you) LOL