Insurance Company requiring their own inspector for Wind Mit

I was just emailed from a client that he had to cancel a Wind Mitigation inspection which is in Florida because his Insurance Company said that he had to use their inspector. This does not sound ethical or legal and was wondering if anyone else has come across this?

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All sorts of games are played.
Can’t do anything about it.
Probably cheaper for the carrier to pay bulk fees $50-60 than to pay for a QA program, to reinspect the first one.

Are you sure it’s the carrier’s inspector?
Perhaps it’s the kickback-favors inspector referred by the insurance agent.
If it’s the latter, report the agent to DFS.

Tell the owner to get a copy of the completed 1802 and go look at the RTW connection to see if they are on the up and up. If it’s not correct, tell the owner to file a complaint with the state insurance board.

I do some work for an Allstate agent in Naples who has a home inspector charging $80 for a Wind Mit and the HI wont sign any of his reports. I am not doing a Wind Mit for less than $175 and the only time I give a discount is when combined with a Home Inspection. I brought this point up in the forum about HI in Florida under cutting pricing. This makes no sense! A lot of very stupid HI’s who clearly do not know how to run a business. To address your original point I am meeting my Allstate agent for drinks at Tiki bar and I will ask him about this and get back to you.

Chris, that’s some pretty crazy practices if the agents are still accepting the 1802’s unsigned or is the HI just taking off with the money! Are they? If so, the state needs to know about that for sure.

If the HI doesn’t sign a report, the report is invalid. More important is the fee charged. $80 is beyond stupid and if HI’s work for that little, they only hurt the industry. My agent is good guy and doesn’t accept unsigned reports nor would the insurance carrier. Keep in mind the industry standard must be adhered too. I have had numerous meetings with brokers who have HI’s charging ridiculously low fees for home inspections and ancillary services. When I have been asked if I would match it, my answer is always NO!


Chris, I understand the WM process well. You are saying this inspector is defrauding the public so the state should know about this guy to pull his license. Price is irrelevant since he’s defrauding people.

The guy is an idiot who has to be told to sign the report. Where are getting all this defrauding the public from? Report this to the STATE!! Are you a brown shirt? Seriously dude read and try to comprehend what you are reading.

Not sure what a Brown Shirt is and I read your post clearly. You didn’t say he “has to be told to sign the report” or “he always forgets to sign his reports” in your first post. You in fact said “he wont sign”. I read that to mean he refuses to sign even though he gets paid, thereby defrauding people, my bad. Stating that in the beginning would’ve helped my slow mind comprehend better. Apparently, he’s just cheap and incompetent and probably comprehends better than me.

Enjoy your Tiki bar drinks with your buddy.

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