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This is a warning to all wind mit inspectors. I was recently being referred by an insurance agency to there clients to perform wind mits and 4 point inspections 60 to 80 clients a month. I was asked by one of the agents to AMEND reports so he could give his client the credits he wanted. I refused to and I was removed from the referal list. I don’t mind being removed as much as being asked to commit fraud so an insurance agency can make millions of dollars on my license. If you are being asked to inspect for an agency or are already inspecting for an agency and are asked to alter or amend a report, beware. I have proof this has happened. This is just a word of caution to Florida inspectors. If you want more info PM me .

John I hope you do all you can to get this person prosecuted. If I can be of any help please let me know.

If you do nothing you are as guilty as them. I am not inferring this just letting others know if it happens to them and they do nothing then they are scum.

I’ll help any way I can, Just ask :slight_smile:

Good luck and thanks for bring up the problem. I would tell all here if you are sure and your facts are straight. They cannot do anything to you if EVERYTHING YOU SAY IS THE TRUTH.

The biggest players D-I etc…in the game are guilty of this type of crap from everything I have seen I just have never had any TRUE PROOF.
Best of luck to you. If you accomplish anything from this we will all be proud. I’m proud that you at least had the balls to speak of it regardless of the results :slight_smile:

80% around here would not do crap about it and would take part in it to keep getting the inspections. Way to go :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear this. Was it a rep, or the agency owner? I will send you a PM.

It is highly unlikely that the insurance company would ask you to commit fraud in the client’s favor. They would prefer that you commit fraud or “errors” in their favor in order to limit discounts for the consumer. The “local” agent (who may be an independent insurance agent) may be the one asking you to commit fraud in order to secure the business from your shared client. I would speculate that the insurance company (if you know who that is) would like to know about the local agent’s possible attempt to coerce you into committing insurance fraud. The Office of Insurance Regulation would likely also want to know as well. I completely agree that this should not be tolerated by the inspector community.

If you read my post I never said INSURANCE COMPANY I wrote Insurance Agency. And if there client does not get the credits this agency does not sell that policy. What has happened is unfortunate, but this is what happens when you try to have an honest and ethical buisness. I just want others to know it happens. You need to remember it the inspectors LICENSE that is at stake here.

I get the same thing with four points, I have been ask not to include any comment but to just answer the questions

I have had agents try to get me to amend the reports so their clients could get discounts, and I just say, come up with the proof and I will gladly change the report.

It will be a problem if the report did get changed, because when it gets into underwriting, they will question what ever the issue was, and who will be on the hook, the inspector.

So, if you were to change the report and the underwriter saw several incorrect reports done by you, then the office would be instructed to remove you from the “list” and if you don’t change the report, you get removed from the “list”.

It is why I always turn down offers to be on any Realtor, insurance company lists. It is a double-edged sword, that I don’t need.

If you have proof, I would file a complaint with the proper authorities, but be forewarned, if you do, you will probably be removed from any other lists you might be on…except one, the “black-ball” list.

Perhaps you misinterpreted the intent of my post- or I did not write it well. I completely agree with you. My post was intended for further clarification on the issue for everyone. (it is ok to commit insurance fraud if it favors the insurance company- it is not ok to commit insurance fraud if it favors the consumer--------that is a joke for those that read literally). Again, it is typically the local agent attempting to coerce the inspector in order to get the business from our shared client. This practice should not be tolerated from the professional inspector community.

How true
We can’t win for losing

Thanks for the clarification Steve, It’s not been very joyous here lately. :frowning:

I hate to tell you all but When I have had clients try to screw the insurance agencies or get me to lie or not use my report and hire another guy. Actually tell me they did it. I have contacted the insurance companies and neither them or the OIR ever seems to give a rats a s s unless they were just being intentionally sneaky and sent out their men in black in secrecy :slight_smile:

John, I am a firm believer in karma but sometimes karma needs a good swift kick in the pants to get moving. If you have an valid email showing what you stated, I would highly suggest remitting this evidence to the Florida DFS, I believe you can file anonymously. Nothing may come of it other than a warning to them, but that was a good chunk of business lost to presumably another license holder for inducement to commit fraud. When we don’t do anything about stuff like this, it doesn’t give the perpetrators any reason to stop. It’s like folks whose solution to crime is putting bars on their windows and locking themselves inside all day, if I don’t see it, maybe it’ll go away on its own…

Once you start doing the things they want, where do you stop? Now, once you start they have you under there control, and then you can’t stop. If they get mad and report you, then your lively hood and license is done. If you fall into that trap It’s like being a PUPPET on a string. I value my buisness and I am no ones toy.