Health Insurance What are you all doing?

Just curious if this is State regulated or what.

My Cobra Insurance is running out on Tuesday with my Employer or past employer, I should say.
Cobra is no longer available and was only good for 18 months, so now you know how long I haven’t built anything of substantial value.

New job on Monday at a Naval Shipyard as a Carpenter on a Naval Destroyer with no wood. :mrgreen:

9 weeks without Medical Insurance during probationary period.
Got a quote tonight for $480 a month with a $10,000 deductible.

Full coverage though, with all the regular stuff, perscriptions, blood work, colonosopy, and the works. Paid for and no co-pay.

What do you think of that?:slight_smile:

$480 p/m is not bad. Since this is now my full time job, I have to rely on W.I.F.E.


My plan is to just walk in to the emergency room as an illegal alien.

I depend on the Welfare Fund and my wife has a real job as a Registered Nurse. I wish I was a full time home inspector(with full time home inspector logo privileges)

I’d save the $1,500 and live carefully until your regular insurance kicks in. If something serious happens, the Regime will take care of it. :smiley:

Seriously, my business slowed down and my family of 5 went 2 years w/o insurance (I have it now through my regular-job employer). It was a scary, but we lived to tell the tale.

After getting laid off in 2009 I went self insured.

I have been looking into National Business Association.

I am ok with paying normal medical expenses on my own, what I am worried about is that life changing event that could place you in debt for life.

Why not get a short term, major medical policy that is designed just for this purpose? You can usually do 30,60,90 day coverage periods and it’s merely for catastrophic purposes.

Assurant is probably one of the better companies to use for this kind of thing. I used to broker a lot of their policies way back.


That is exactly the quote I got from them tonight Ben and thanks.
$252.87 / $2,500 ded.

This other guy with a regular insurance is saying with temporary insurance, should you come down with some ailment, the permanent insurance latter would not cover it.

My wife is saying we both got our physicals for the year and take a chance. 2500 dedutible sounds a lot better than 10,000.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure that guy is wrong. Short-term coverage should be considered “credible” by the new carrier to avoid them putting a 1 year exclusion on pre-existing conditions. As long as you don’t have a gap in coverage greater than 62 days, I don’t think the group carrier can slap you with a pre-ex rider. And with the short term policy like you described, that should prevent you from having that gap anyway.