Insurance for Texas inspectors.

I use this company. They cover thermal imaging and all your employees
at no extra charge. Policies can be as low as $1200.

Personally, I’m suspicious of any E&O provider based in Plano. Brian McCall, the state representative from Plano was responsible for getting the E&O requirement for Texas inspectors ram-rodded thru during a midnite session of the last state legislature. His family has been in the insurance business for many years…whether there is any tie to this provider I don’t know but I have long expected McCall would profit somehow from his bill.

Maybe that’s why the company I signed on with, also in Plano I believe…maybe McKinney, shot up from $750 to $1200.

Everyone in Plano is suspect… :roll:


Who is McKinney?

How strange, my e&o cost has increased the same. Over $400.00 in a 12 month period? Are we being screwed or what. O’h by the way my provider is out of Plano as well.