Insurance to get a license?

I recently passed the Florida home inspection exam, and am looking to finish the application process with Florida. The state website states I need to show proof of insurance prior to obtaining my license. I have not established a business yet. Will this cause a problem in getting insurance, and can I get insurance first using only my name to finish the process, and then change the name after creating the company? I appreciate your help…

First things first…

It would probably depend on your business structure. It would be best to ask your insurance provider.

Who’s on first, First is on second.

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Brendan, your State license is going to be in your name, get the insurance in your name for now and later change to your company name. If you can think of a name for your company before that even better. Good Luck.


I’m not in Florida, but the first thing i did was register a company name. I did a search to find out if the name i wanted was registered in my state and when it wasn’t i paid a minimal fee to register it in my name. I then procured the necessary insurance and applied for a license underr that name.


Since you need insurance, I would ask the insurance company this question.


Thank you for all of your responses. I think I am making it more complicated then it needs to be. I have a call into a few insurance providers, just waiting for call backs, and looking at what are the best ways to structure a company. I have a lot to learn. Looking forward to getting things rolling, and I will most definitely be asking questions on this forum. Thank you all again!

If I may, when I considered how I was to structure my company I spoke with two professionals. First, an accountant for tax purposes. Second, a lawyer for legalities. You will most certainly receive many opinions here on how to structure your company. In my experience, it will be a personal decision based on many variables.

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Thank you for your response. I really appreciate the advice.

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