General Liability...

Insurance. Recommedations needed please.


You don’t need any – JC is the only insurance that you need

Glad that you have faith and have been saved

Give your money to the church

If you check you will find that most HI’s send their money to the church and live on faith

Like many do not have GL or O&E insurance

BTW if you get it depending on the covererage get ready for about $100 a month


Ken, I have mine with Nationwide. I pay $300 a year for GL insurance.

I tried JC, but he didn’t step up and pay the last time my leg went through the ceiling and damaged some furniture.

I got in on a NACHI deal ($250.00 a year GL) with The Hartford about two years ago and have just received my 3rd renewal at the same rate. The deal only lasted a few days before they pulled it so I guess I lucked out.

Thanks fellows. Richard, this is not about faith or lack thereof, it is required by Parr that all independant contractors carry liability. BTW, your digs don’t even get a rise out of me, so I suggest you quit wasting what little time you have left.


I’m on board with you on the GL insurance. I got the deal through NACHI and just paid my renewel last month. $250 year and it hasn’t changed.

Robert, how much coverage did you get for that price? I’m in the market and just contacted several diff companies for quotes.

I don’t have the policy in front of me but I believe it’s 2M (4M aggregate).

I am looking for a phone number or name or email contact from you guys or gals who are getting general liability insurance for anywhere around that $250-350 a year price. The only person I could find locally wanted $900. Thanks - Dennis Marchesano

Check this page out.

I signed-up through Hub International.

Thanks Robert Plenty of companies to choose from there. Dennis A. Marchewsano