New to NACHI. Advice on where to start?

Hello. My name is Al. I’m 58 and live outside of Chicago. I just joined NACHI today. I’m looking forward to start working on becoming a licensed inspector. Does anyone have any advice on where to start, what order to watch the videos in, how to take the tests, etc? Is there a ‘how to’ guide somewhere? Any advice would help. Thanks in advance.

Thank you Jeffrey. That’s a great help. Looking forward to navigating and learning through this whole process.

Go to the members only area, then the education dash board
They actually have a checklist that will be very helpful.

Welcome and best of luck!

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I personally think that going to a community college like McHenry community college. I know many other schools have classes. The home inspecting class I took at MCC guided me all the way through the process until you go take your state licensing test. Hope this helps.