interesting article on Canadian inspections

Found the article to promote Caphi big time. Surprised that they didnt interviwew any Nachi members.

see link

This is a CAHPI news Add .More like a public service announcement .

This is just one of three they are posted on the Canadian NACHI web site

I expect there will be more … Roy

If licencing was so great maybe someone could explain why the two biggest law suit settlements ever in Canada happened in BC where HI licencing is required?

Okay, everybody needs to scroll down and read the comments and listen to the BS that is being said!

It is accurate Knowledge from a PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION that protects people not a license. We have all heard the saying “he has a license to kill.” This is not far from the truth when you look at mankind’s track record of minimum standards always changing because someone dies. The other problem is corporate greed. No contractor would cut corners and risk peoples lives if they new the cost of such actions would put them in jail. Most contractors know they can just pick up and move and start a fresh with a new company name. The government has created a large group of deceptive operators that are like cogs in a wheel working together to cover each other’s ***. It is the elite few that practice standards that are acceptable to consumers.
INTERNACHI is one of them.