Toronto InterNACHI member in the news.

Open up the link on the second line in the article “opinion of a home inspector”, and it takes you to the article that recommends CAHPI & OAHI websites.

Licensing will wipe the no-benefit organizations out in ON.

Thanks for posting Nick! If you read this article read all the comments along with it. It will give a better Idea of the general feeling on the issue.
Thing that will be a struggle is who to put in charge of discipline. It seems to be that whenever someone is empowered with responsibility it goes right to their head.

Thanks also Chris for that info. I think that should be removed also.

To find a qualified home inspector, speak to your real estate broker or salesperson or check the websites of the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors ( or the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (

Agreed, but the Government doesn’t even have a Draft copy of any proposed Regulations, and it has to make it passed 3 Readings in the house plus Royal Assent to become law. Then there is an 18 month transition period, so licensing may be up to 3 years coming into affect at this rate, IMHO.
An example could be Bill 96 "Radon Awareness and Prevention Act" 2013. It only passed Second Reading back in Sept. 2013, and has been “referred to standing committee” where it will be debated to death before 3rd Reading.

If he is a NACHI member it would be great if he had NACHI on his web site .

I looked and can only see OAHI and CAHPI… Roy

I saw that too, Roy. Nick, are you sure he’s a member of InterNACHI? As Roy says there’s no mention of InterNACHI on his website, but it’s full of CAHPI & OAHI info.

He is an OAHI RHI.


In regards to the Star article, I sent the author an email informing him of his misnomer and as such it is not anywhere near a done deal.

No reply. Imagine a lawyer not getting his facts straight then implying through his article it’s an accurate report.

I guess they don’t teach accuracy in law school.

What moron would hire anyone who can’t put the name of the inspector on their website? Duh!

And having the CAHPI logo is no assurance of anything without the proprietors name on the site.

Stupid or what? Then we wonder why the government wants licensing?

If this is a sign of intelligence in this profession God help us all.

Keep plugging away on them Raymond!


You cannot fix stupid.