Interesting article

Look at the bottom paragraph of this article. Tells what are legislators thinks about us.

OK. So I am a republican, this legislator is from my home town, I have called his office and I am writing an email requesting a meeting. Perhaps I can “Educate” him a little bit.:roll:

Don’t forget to take your hammer and to use your “inside” voice. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess that guy has no idea that now just about anyone is qualified to do such inspections.

Just ask the OIR or look at the last page of oir 1802 rev 2/10.

With the right people involved ANYONE can do them.

Michelle, I hear we were looking for a lobbyist… Hammer might be needed.

This just came out on the board of Realtors site. Legislature nixes windstorm disclosure law!

Yesterday’s override vote was unanimous in both chambers. The repeal takes effect today.

“On behalf of thousands of sellers of coastal properties, Florida Realtors applauds lawmakers for eliminating this disclosure,” says John Sebree, vice president of public policy for Florida Realtors. “No Florida statute requires an existing home to be inspected for any reason – not for sinkholes, fire safety, environmental conditions, lead-based paint, energy-efficiency, septic tanks, asbestos, proximity to airports, nearby sexual offenders or any other item. While a home inspection is performed in most transactions, it’s because the parties value the information – not because the state mandates it.”

Where will this leave 1802 inspections and that whole OIR debacle?

I don’t think there will be any effect on the OIR. Wind mits should be done so the home owner can gain discounts not because a law says so.

It means no mandatory requirement for a wind mit on a sellers disclosure form…this has no affect on the Insurance companies requirements.

Expect builders in Florida to continue to construct homes with gable roofs. :wink:

Please advise the author of the article what a civil engineer does. He may of been referring to a structural engineer. Bottom line, he his full of ____

I agree

Just wondering how the education went…I sent off an e-mail but Of course I haven’t received a response yet.:roll:

I spoke to someone in his office. I sent an email. I am waiting on a reply. If I don’t have anything by Monday… I am going to call again… and again… (I can be pretty persistant) Well see.