FLORIDA legislation input needed

It has come to my attention that our chapter is looking into hiring another lobbyist and I want each and every Home Inspector to have a voice in what is accomplished in this arena.

I don’t want a special 4 or 5 to make decisions for us. I want the great minds that are out there to give us input to think about, direction you want to see the profession go and maybe even a 1-3-5 year plan.

One is to try and get GC’s to have the same treatment as far as wind mitigation goes and not be able to hire employees to perform these inspections and work under their license.

I have heard people say we should not take on the Realtors and Construction board, but then who do you take on the cosmetology school?

Presently we wait for someone to stick it in our backside then rush and react. To me that is a losers game, instead the thought process was to get OUR wants and NEEDS in front of the legislation and let others play defense.

We have about 10,000 inspectors and we get tossed around like a rag doll. The only reason this happens is because we let it happen. You think 10,000 inspectors is bad? Wait until all contractors get to inspect and dont need a Home Inspector license. Think its not coming? Guess again.

Think the repair clause will get put back into the law? Try again, it will get put into law on a stupid BS amendment that the mold assessors and remediators got pushed through on. By the way, how did that happen?

It is YOUR profession and we WANT and need your input. The lack of ideas and input will force others to make decisions for you.

So please give us info and if you want to keep it on the DL, the private message me here…

Get those no good contractors. Get em :roll:

Its not about getting THEM and they are very good at contracting. Thats their job, its even in their job title. No one is in the way of them building, repairing or modifying. Isn’t that why they became contractors?

No one that has to hold someone else back to make a living is worth a crap.

Here is a novel idea.

If you want the same rights or privileges as contractors. EARN THEM.
No one is stopping any of you from getting your own license.

Michael, I understand your frustration. I do not want to become a contractor because I do not want to build anything. Did you become a contractor to do wind mits? I thought you were a stucco guy or something.

I became a home inspector because I like to inspect homes. Hence the name of the profession HOME INSPECTOR and the path of the profession.

If I want to be a lawyer I do not become a doctor and then just merge into it. Good contractors do not make good inspectors. Just because you have a contractors license does not mean you can build anything. If that were the case you would not need to hire Electricians, HVAC contractors, Plumbers, Roofers, etc…you would just go get one permit and do it.

But you cannot just get a general permit for most things. If modifying the roof you need a roofer to pull a roof permit, correct?

But to prove my point to the 100th degree. Compare the reports for yourself and which would you rather have?

I am not saying I am better, but lets just have the fellow inspectors compare. Deal?

http://www.reporthost.com/meeker/barnea4780/ YOURS.completed by a licensed general contractor

http://www.bestinspector.com/SampleReport Mine completed by a Licensed Home Inspector.

Hire another lobbyist, great idea! Split the resources of all the concerned and willing participants to make them more efficient. Sounds like an Obama plan proposed by Pelosi based on advise from Geitner and Corizine. SOMEBODY JUST SHOOT ME!

Yep hire another lobbyist. Your point is? Let me guess, you just give up. Well not me, I will keep doing what I have to do. If I have to pay for it all, I have no problem with that. But then, it will all be my way and could care less. People have so much critisism and dont do **** to help…

So anything you would like to see or just keep the ole boys club keeping everyone in the dark is the right thing to do?

Split the resources? Too freakin funny…10,000 inspectors and you can’t even get $20K…there are no resources, there are a few people who feel the profession is worth fighting for, the rest just suck on the teet

Why don’t you all just post the requirements for becoming a General Contractor and the requirements for becoming a Home Inspector and then we can all decide who has more experience in home construction a first year home inspector or a first year General Contractor.

Home inspectors have no where near the experience or education of Architects, Engineers, or General Contractors. It is not even close.

I will be the first to admit there are a great many extremely knowledgeable home inspectors who follow and chime in on these message boards but they are the exception.

Sorry the truth hurts many of you so much.

All I ever hear is you little whinnie bit=hes crying about Contractors.

Do you know how often I hear Contractors crying about you guys…? NEVER.

Get some balls and do your own thing. Take the many blessings you have received with our socialist government and shut the heck up and prosper.

As I have said many times before. If you have to hold someone else back to make a living then you are not worth a crap.

Earn your rights and privileges with a life time of experience just like the building professionals you are trying to fit into and get your un-earned share of the pie.

MICHAEL…are you even mentally present. It is harder to become a GENERAL CONTRACTOR…because the intention of their profession is to MANAGE other professionals.

So with your mentality a Doctor of Psychology should be a Home Inspector…look at what it takes for those credentials! 12 years of school, boards…I mean WOW! Should they be allowed to?

Wait let me guess…it doesn’t make sense because it is two different professions…BINGO!!!

It requires a different skill set and a different aspect of knowledge.

But now Michael, let really get to the heart of the matter. You were a stucco contractor, who went bust or close to it when the market took a turn.

Fair enough, but did you really go bust because the market took a turn or because your lack of professional business skills lead you to believe it was going to last forever? Or was it that you sucked at your profession and people took the cream off the top and the other withered away?

I mean if you can’t make it in your profession why invade mine? Your just another clock puncher, not really a professional a business whore who sells himself at the lowest bidder. I do understand when you suck, you have to bottom feed, I understand.

I got this from Google

All Inspections From $75

I will beat anyone’s price on Wind Mitigation,Citizens Roof,Etc…

NICE…screams I suck and can only give you cheap service…but then again, when you suck this is what you have to do…I understand.

Anyone who can build a skyscraper can damn sure inspect a home with a little more additional training on their part.

Anyone who can inspect a home CANNOT build a skyscraper, let alone a home.




Like I keep saying . You want the rights …Earn the title. I’ll even help any I can just like I always do.

Why do you feel you have to hold others back to be successful?

I DONT WANT TO BUILD A SKY SCRAPER…are you simple minded?

How is this holding anyone back? I agree…If I want to be a contractor I need to get the qualifications. If you want to be a Home Inspector then get those qualifications.

YOUR Inspection report is PROOF of what I am saying! It sucks! Plain and simple. Your a General contractor who has no idea about ANYTHING but stucco…thats it!


Should I post all our conversations when you were trying to get my company to do wind mits for you?

You remember you were bit-hing about the price and trying to get me to go lower. You appear to run things just like those you bit-h about do.

Any other bright comments?

Don’t worry I really will not go through the trouble to prove you wrong because i do not give a crap what a bunch of hacks are trying to do.


You might as well call yourself a contractor as it seems you need a whole team of real professionals to complete your inspections. How do you pay those folks anyhow?

Are they actual by the book employees?

How long you want to play this game.

I know you love the good :roll: publicity.

Just added some stuff huh.


Mine is a SAMPLE"NOT REAL" yours is probably full of crap just like you.

I currently have 100% customer satisfaction as far as i am concerned. I heard one complaint once from a fellow who hired me to do a wind mit for him because he was not currently able to do them. I do not believe the Realtor WAS HAPPY BECAUSE i REFUSED TO MEET THERE ASSININE SCHEDULE. Other than that nothing but smiles around here :slight_smile:

I was going to hire you and as a business man I wanted the best service at the best value. You provided me no value and were never used. Correct? So apparently I made a great business decision. I decided that hiring a licensed GC was better as a full time employee.

It wasn’t and isn’t cheap, you provided no value for the amount of money you were asking for. Isn’t that way every person decides on buying anything? Is the money worth the product and to me yours wasn’t. You brag about this…OK…if that works do you.

Ok so you post a “sample” report that looks nothing like the one you give clients…are your trying to talk yourself into that or me?

How do I pay my people? What does that have to do with anything? I pay them hourly and they get 1.5 pay for anything over 40 hours. The office folks get salaries. Anything else you want to know? 5 Full time and one part time.

If your asking how I can afford to pay them, its is something I cannot teach you. Its called I run a professional business where people actually seek out my services and then pay me a premium price because I deliver what most others can’t. Its called being a successful small business owner…try it sometime you might like it.

But if Home Inspections and wind Mits fail I guess you can cut hair and brag about how many hours you needed to get your contractors license…Blah Blah Blah…wait that won’t work…why Michael? Because it is TWO different professions…see are you getting it now?

Here is my sample wind mit. It to is NOT REAL.

No pictures are included due to size and top quality.

My sample is just a sample of what their inspection may look like.

As a fellow once said it is SNAZZY huh :slight_smile: :D:D:D:D

Pretty funny I have no Idea why it is displaying $ instead o X’s but it works for me. Another example of the differences between samples and final products :slight_smile:

For the record I never accepted your offer because it sucked. It was not a good deal for me or the fellow I was working with.
You wanted special prices and special treatment and I basically told you I was not interested.

Tell me where I am lying now.

Like I said i’ll go tit for tat with you all day because I simply do not care what you or any other inspectors, agents or Realtors think.

There is only one group of people I am concerned with and that is my customers.

My customers are happy and continue to give me referrals and repeat business.

I also offer them great alternatives to the typical fluff inspection that has a letterhead on every page that take up a third of the page and uses as big as fonts as possible to give the appearance of a lot of work.

Keep fighting the good fight. Folks love to root for the underdog or in this case under qualified :slight_smile: