Florida meeting is underway...

Wayne is now giving his bio…

2007 he became independent. First represented NAHI as his first go ahead with home inspectors.

Making a point we should have a common goal. Talking about the coalition council and how it was formed.

Not even 25 people here…about 23ish

Talking how he can help. He has direct contacts. Talking about the newer legislation.

Senator bennet has a compromise and is sending a new bill. Division 1, IOC and building officials and home inspectors will have Another year, until 2012.

He says the bill will pass, he is almost certain.

Rules and SOP will mot likely not be firmed up until 2012

Rules DBPF has even gotten the request to make rules and SOP

Trying to get the contractor from doing Repairs on homes they inspect.

Talking about mold and trying to exempt home inspectors so they can at least do something with mold. What? Don’t know just yet

Remove education and testing requirements for wind mits.

No formal educational requirements for who can provide education for wind mits. There is no formal or recognized education authority.

Mold assessor License may get removed.

Mr. Grant proposed a bill to remove the license requirements for mold assessor license. Bill was filed yesterday.

Talking about the sop, and how it might be approved before it’s even viewed by the typical and public home inspector.

Talking about ce credits and how they will affects us.

Talking about the sop and how the council had input. Mark Cramer talking about his qualifications. Very educated on SOP. He is saying its in the favor of home inspector. Saying the final SOP as it sits is in favor of home inspectors.

Sounds like for us to see it, it will have to be passed and the “don’t worry” comment was said.

Talking about kick backs and how Realtors can’t get them, but any other person can get a kick back.