Interesting concept

Here’s a Texas inspector that offers “The Home Check Book”.

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It would be interesting to see one. Curious as to well it interprets the SoP. Not sure it will work. Buyers like to look at granite coutnertops, tall ceilings and bathrooms.

Well, for $44 you can get one :smiley: Seems counter-productive that an inspector would advise Realtors to get one for each of their clients so the client can perform his own inspection. I can’t imagine many Realtors or Buyers would want to do that.

Looks like another stupid gimmick. However, I do like the liability limiting idea of “buy the book, give me money for it, you inspect the house. After you live in it and find out it’s a POS - it’s on you!” Like y’all, I doubt if there are many takers.