Inspection Checklist

Anybody have a good checklist that you use that you could share?
I use standards of practice… more of a brief list.

Kathy, you should post this in the Texas section, as you will want a checklist that follows Texas standards.

There is a Texas section?

Okay, but really just a checklist like do not forget to turn oven off, turn oven off etc:)):slight_smile:
I have been inspecting for a long time, but for non-profit and governmental agencies with residential code compliance and permitting issues. I am starting to do more residential. I have one tomorrow:p
I have alot of experience in the houses, but whole different procedural process I need to get in the swing of with the residential home buyer inspection.

I see you have home inspector pro on your links.
You use the software? I was just at the COA conference and was really impressed with home inspector pro software, support and website hosting etc. Dominic is a power house of information.

Something simple to start from Kathy,

If the sellers are there, that type of topic is one of the things I do talk to them about… window and door locks after I’m done… thermostats etc. Don’t get me wrong, I try to leave like I found… but setting expectations is good.

Kathy take Doms free trial and download a Texas Template into HIP then print it out as a checklist.:slight_smile:

That should do the trick.

Thanks guys!

That is cool Bob. Thanks

Kathy, what Bob said is good. If you do that make sure to print it in continuous mode. You can also double side print it and even laminate it if you’re not ready to enter data on a computer on site yet.

And thanks for the kind words!

Hi Dominic!
I will look at it today. I wanted to do the lease thing perhaps and try it out with HIP and cloud and all. My inspection got postponed so will be doing it Monday instead. That gives me a little time- to perhaps look some things over.
and your welcome and its true;