Interesting Object on roof -

Found this on a roof today - Completely baffled - No openings - can not see under as it is finished to rafter underneath - However entertaining I am not interested if you think it maybe some sort of Alien Antenna of “unknown origin” type of item - LOL :D. BUT, if you got an idea I would love to see it.
OH - and there is no drainage system below the “said” item. I think I have an Idea but was wondering what others had in mind.



I think they repaired a hole and put a piece of raised flashing to act as a diverter to keep water away from the patch.

Yep I am thinking a roof jack - maybe caught in the roof rafter transition. Check out the gable on the far garage roof and the roof line here - had to be a transition. I think something was removed (or tried to be) and something was stuck!
Good call Mark . . . Maybe Great minds think alike!

I agree with Mark, patch and diverter flashing. May have been a vent pipe at one time what was the room below?

Just a Bedroom - that’s one of the weird parts. There is a bathroom adjacent but the house was built in 1890 so who knows. Seems to be NO REASON for a roof penetration?

some sort of Alien Antenna

I have never seen one of these what do they look like:p:mrgreen:

Barry can tell You Charley…