Interesting PIC: There really isn't much fresh water on earth

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But climate change isn’t real. :thinking:

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To be fair, Earth does not gain or lose water generally speaking. That small dot of fresh water is all we have ever had. But we do lose “usable” fresh water due to pollution, and climate change.


Dang climate change :rofl: looks like our climate has always been changing.

Climate is always changing, that is the point. El Nino, La Nina, the flow of warm or cooler air affects the climate including droughts, excessive rain, snowfall etc. All that affects water, salt or fresh on the planet. Why is Lake Meade at the lowest level ever documented, and Kentucky just having experienced their worse flooding recorded. My guess is it was/is caused by climate changes.

And don’t try to make this out that I’m trying to say what man made is causing it. I’m just saying it happens.

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I used to hike a mountain that was 13,000 ft to the peak. On that peak we’re fossils of sea creatures. It was once at the bottom of an ocean and now that mountain is in a desert. Climates change. They didn’t have politics back then so there wasn’t a finger to wave.

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Prior humans did not have the ability to intervene.
Prior humans did not have more than a tent to move higher ground.
Prior humans benefited from periodic river valley flooding.
Prior climate change was quite slow by modern standards, allowing evolutionary matching.

Regardless of why the climate is changing, it is. There are things humanity, working together across nation-states, can do about it now, which the sea creatures of your mountain peak could not.

  • The Antarctic ice sheet holds about 90 percent of the fresh water that exists on the Earth’s surface. The ice sheet covers approximately 8.7 million square miles. The Greenland ice sheet also contains large volumes of fresh water. These two ice sheets account for more than 99 percent of the fresh water ice on the planet.

Looks like a representation of surface water only. The fountains of the deep hold much more.


That’s interesting. You see, we started with “man-made climate change”. Now, the man-made prefix has been dropped.

Yet, we now have legislation to fight climate change. How are electric vehicles going to fight climate change if the prefix man-made is not implied?

There are few climate change deniers, but many man-made climate change deniers.

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In 2011, scientists found the oldest and biggest water reservoir to ever exist and it’s just floating through space. It’s equal to 140 trillion times all the water on Earth.

Well, in theory, that could happen to all the water on earth, evaporating into space.

Desalination. Get ready for the water bill to go up. :droplet:
Desalination: the process of turning seawater into drinking water - Iberdrola.

That’s is one of Arizona’s billion dollar solutions to their water shortage.

Fresh water is consrantly replenished by the Earth’s natural distillation. Evaporated sea water minus the salt forms clouds which then rain freshwater

This is a process heavily interfered with by man that needs far more attention than CO2.

Curiously, water vapor is the most significant “greenhouse” gas.

Technology ( and “global warming”) as a whole has improved the world’s food supply however, as the Earth is presently “greener” than it has ever been.


How arrogant to think that we humans have that much power to alter a climate so much as to cause irreparable harm. I guess I have too much faith in a God who placed our earth in a perfect position in the solar system and equipped it with the all the elements necessary to maintain a perfect balance capable of sustaining life. The one constant we know is that change is inevitable. But to believe that we can be the masters of that change is naive and foolish.


Nice documentary Ben. You clearly point out the fact that there has always been climate change, but the problem we face is the rate of climate change and that it is in large part due to human activities, and how the home inspection industry can help to combat it.

Being that video is 7 years old, I’d like to make a suggestion that if you ever get the time that you do an update to it as global warming has progressed at even a faster rate than predicted at that time, unfortunately for all of us the the CO2 levels as of June 17 2022 are 418.56 ppm and will continue to skyrocket. Carbon Dioxide | Vital Signs – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet (


We absolutely do have that power.
Starting no later than 5:29 a.m. on July 16, 1945, humanity took that power for itself.
We have chosen to not exercise that power, in part out of collective fear for the unintended consequences.

Since 1945 many other globally significant geoengineering methods of altering the climate have been studied measured and, in some cases, experimented with. These range from distributing iron to oceans, to blowing up volcanoes with nuclear weapons.

Now, if a creator wanted to, that creator could shift the planet’s orbit to accommodate the current situation. That power is, presently, beyond human reach.