Interesting roof installation

This is the roof I inspected yesterday. The roof permit was pulled by the home owner but it was signed off by the county inspector. I wonder if he even went to the house???

Maybe I just need to brush up on shingle installation?

He obviously did not read the directions. Did it have an swr?

It was installed in 2004 so it meets the Wind Mit requirements, LOL but no SWR.

Shame on the county inspector, doubt they were installed to manufacturer specs. Can be a problem if they were installed in a vertical stack and not stair stepped.

Looks OK, a little different maybe but somewhat even pattern.

I saw a crew start from the ridge down once and one of the guys kept coming to my jobsite to watch how we were doing it? The ridge down crew was from a southern country.

Well, the one that installed that shingle roof must have come up here looking for work.


Oh, didn’t see the nails in the slots, that’s going to be a problem.

I always wondered why people that don’t know also don’t bother to read instructions.
I hired a carpenter who was a Yale graduate, he decided he wanted to be a carpenter so I gave him a chance. He never took my advice, never read instructions, and wanted to do as he pleased. I let him go and we parted on friendly terms. About 10 years go by and he sends me an email and then calls me up to chat and he is now working for Army Intelligence.

That’s an oxymoron isn’t it?

Good point Marcel, that is why the 3-tab needs to be at a 6" offset.

That’s a lot of money down the drain

Start over…

Fat bitches could have done a better job even tho they could not bend over…:slight_smile: