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Hey John
I just seen this on local news also. They spend a lot of time complaining about crooked inspectors and drive by inspections but didn’t tell us much else.
I assume there is no change to who can perform and sign reports


The last copy I seen there was no change.

Do you have a link to the form that will be used? When will we have to start using it? Thanks for the update it is appreciated.

I only have the form they were working on, that Nick had a link to awhile back. If I get any news I will post it.

on another note, Looks like Skytec is training again.

How do we get in on the training?

What is skytech?

Skytec was a My Safe Florida Home Wind Certification Entity

I will look for the form

Here is the last version I have

I remember that now that I see it. How do they expect us to photograph a SWR or roof deck attachment. I personally think that form is terrible. I am interested in what others think about it and weather you guys will be raising prices for that version. I know I will if the market will support it.

There is a SWR and roof deck nailing on the same home. The form has issues but until I see the final form I will save my breath. I would like to raise prices as I think it will take long to do and fill out.

Believe it or not I have been in quite a lot of homes where there was little to no shiners that I could see. I think it the swr will be rarely visible and impossible to verify what it actually is from the attic. Any idea when we will have to start using it and is it a done deal?

There are many times that I have a hard time finding a shiner. Sometimes you can only see the point. The deck spacing is usually enough to see the SWR, also by any roof penetrations. MSFH wanted paperwork from the roofer for verification of SWR.

That is what I do for the swr. I have clients show me the contractors paperwork if it is not on the paperwork then I suggest they get a letter from the contractor.

yeah, thats the only way for the self adhering, unless you get a pic during installation, you need docs, you can obviously get a pic of foamseal, but docs help too.

But luckily the form has addressed the issue of substandard roof sheathing that fails to meet code requirements and has made it O.K… If the sheathing has H clips and you get in the attic and suspect that the peel and stick has been applied then use a buisiness card to see if it is sticky on a newer roof. There is always a shiner at least partially exposed or splitting the top cord. If I was going to be doing these I would have the customer have all the documents ready and photo them too.

That is what I now do. I tell them what they need to have and then I photograph the docs when I see them. I have lost a client or 2 by telling them what they need but it is better than them being surprised and pissed.

I do not report a secondary barrier unless I have paperwork from the installer stating that it was installed. I then use a photocopy of that information and include it as a jpg in the form. I do the same with roof replacement although I can sometimes download a copy of the permit and use that.

West Central Florida Chapter
I will be providing the attendee’s of our Saturday meeting with the New 4 page Universal Wind Mitigation form. I also have the inspector criteria. This has been coming for quit a while.

The new criteria also stiffens the penalties for fraud (both in what is reported and who performs the inspection). Because the Home Owner must now sign verifying that they have confirmed your qualifications – have your license and proof of wind mit training handy out on the road.

The word in the Department of Finance and Insurance is that once Home Inspectors are Licensed Contractors – they will be
“ considered ” for qualification under these new guidelines. I am sure Nick will take care to insure InterNACHI will be approved.

All Contractors must have taken the Wind Mitigation class as part of their CEU’s by an approved school in order to perform these inspections. That includes Building Inspectors (ICC guys)
Employees (non-contractor licensed) of these Contractors must have My Safe Florida Certification (for now – that will be changed soon because the program is no longer available)

The Wind Mit for Contractor classes are available through the typical Contracting Exam schools out there. The current class fee is $395.@

Wait on the use of the new form if you want – but be prepared to re-write your report once all the Insurance Companies begin to enforce the March 9th approval date and start weeding out the old 2 page forms submitted since that date. They have done it before and there is no reason to believe they will not do it again.

I will post the new form this weekend, does anyone have the guidelines?