Interesting thing in this closet

Inspected this house today. I’ve never seen anything quite like this before. Four separate electric meters mounted on the wall under the breaker panel in a clothes closet. The “real” meter was outside where it was supposed to be. These four were for the A/C, furnace, water heater, and clothes dryer. Can’t imagine why these were installed unless the guy was an electrical engineer doing some kind of study or a tight wad.



Very strange find there…

i once saw a house with a seperate meter for the guys christmas lights, but it had it’s own 200a feed too. (his house is on the news every year) this is most piculiar.

Was there any other energy management or alternative energy?Usually these things are part of a solar or PV system.It could be as simple as he caught a sale on meters in a surplus catalog. I have one I play with occasionally. ($20 from Hialeah Meter)

They are just large circuit breakers. No problem.

No. Other than these meters in the closet, this was a very normal house.


Do you have any history on the house in terms of was it once possible a assisted living dwelling, how many bathrooms are in this dwelling and what is the total square footage of this dwelling.

Did you notice anything different about the laundry area in this dwelling.....As greg stated also did you notice anything in regards to aux. systems that you just can't answer.....sometimes people do a walk around and notice things they just cant explain.

Is it possible this was a boarding house at one time....can you contact the previous owners or possible check building permit records to see the classification of this dwelling at the time of the service installation to help answer this question.

In some areas it is common to see a standard meter socket and an additional one for a water heater and so on..and possible some additional meters if an assisted living home as well but very rare to see it located inside like this is........

I know you do not pull covers as HI's and I do not condone it on the Aux. Gutter...but as an electrician I would have to pull that cover to see if these meters are simply low voltage fed or normal......this I am sure would be a move Greg would like to make as well...

Any additional information you can provide regarding those questions will help narrow it down, you may have to do some investigative work on the dwellings original intent.

This was a 1600 sf, 3 BR/2 BA house in a normal residential neighborhood. It’s about 20 years old. I saw nothing to indicate it’s ever been used for anything other than a normal single-family home.

I just can’t imagine the purpose for those meters.


Looks like the guy wanted to monitor the energy consumption of the A/C, furnace, water heater, and clothes dryer. I think y’all are trying to read too much into this one.