Interesting Trap Configuration

Found this under a kitchen sink yesterday. There are 2 sinks which drain into this configuration. The dishwasher drain is the hose at the top of this set up. It’s hard to see from this angle, but there is another drain behind this which comes from some unknown location. All complete with an “S” trap draining to a copper pipe wrapped in Tuct Tape in the basement. Very creative plumber - but still wrong.

Where’s the S-trap?

Where’s the p-trap?

Where is any trap ?

Couldn’t resist


Open your eyes!..



I see a P-trap at the bottom of photo #1, not an S-trap. How was the sink vented?

Thus my prior post…

There was no venting. That’s part of the problem.

Isn’t a p trap without venting an s trap?

Very creative plumbing !!! Thanks for sharing the great pics Curtis :slight_smile:

The vent is off the Y but the p-trap is just a trap. Very inventive way to install the dishwasher drain also.