Interesting truss member

I’ve never seen anything like this before!!
Of course I will be recommending remediation.


It would make a great archway though lol What in earth caused that?

Looks like it may be an improper grade of lumber, Std or Utility grade?? (note size and quantity of knots)… :shock:… JMWAG

Its actually called a jack rafter…at any rate…it was probably already split when they installed it…the framer was just trying to save lumber I suspect.

It’s also improperly framed…there should be a valley plate under the jacks…you simply don’t sit rafters on 1/2 plywood…its not structural.

That’s a rafter I believe. Not a truss chord.

Looks like ordinary #2 but clearly defective. The curve is likely a grain defect that was sufficient to twist the board as it dried. Can’t really be sure but looks like it could have been green rough sawn lumber instead of KD. That sort of material will warp quite aggressively given the chance.

Pretty bad framing as well. No plate

Reminds me when my framer needed a long 2x12 towards the end of the new house project, the truck was coming down the driveway with this arch looking thing on the back. I looked at the framer and said WTF did you just order? He walked off and said “not that”. I told the driver not to bother unloading the arch.

The majority of the roof framing was trusses. I guess the transition was framed with ‘rafters’ instead of trusses.
I see all kinds of non standard construction in this area. The main thing I look for is any type of failures.

Thanks for the input.

Nice curves…It simply needs a sister.