Interior basement drainage system + 2 sump pumps + some mold + salamander

SOME home inspectors claim 80–90% of all leaky basements can be SOLVED just by regrading, lolol, okay sure

some crickets, mold, water in crawl getting in THROUGH the block walls and ABOVE the block walls and plumbing leaks etc… raise and slope the grade? lol

here we have a crawl that leaks, it has nothing to do with a ‘grading’ problem, pffftt. water is getting in THROUGH the block wall, exterior cracks in walls and through some openings above ground so since regrading doesn’t keep water from getting in through these existing defects, there’s only one way to stop the water from getting in and possibly causing mold, efflorescence inside.
Some ‘get-it’ and some don’t.

when this is hand dug out, we’re gonna find out for sure if there is some sort of settling issue as ‘some’ home inspectors and most INT system co’s proport. They often tell homeowners who get cracks in bricks, mortar joints above grade that the house is settling or that the footing ‘dropped’, cracked. I doubt it based on what we have repeatedly seen over decdades of doing this sht, seeing this but when it’s dug out we’ll find out if there is that supposed n often used BS-line, 'Oh Maam, you have a cracked footing and need our piers… $$$$$$$
The cracks above grade have been there for over 20 years homeowner said, they said previous owner caulked what you see lol, again that was 20+ yrs ago, not much if any of those popped open, no problems with their windows in this area, no problems in drywall inside, no problem with floors inside, just water getting in