Leaky basement and some tell homeowners to raise and slope the grade???

Or they tell homeowners to get longer downspout extensions?
Or a splashblock? loool

Or, as was done previously here, install an interior basement system and sump pump? Really? They are ignorant on this subject is what it is.
Sue them for incompetence or, in the case these interior system companies, sue 'em for fraud, misrepresentation, misleading bullshtt.

Some home inspectors or umm, FORMER home inspectors (now home improvement radio talk show hosts) actually bullllshttt homeowners and tell them MOST leaky basements can fix ‘fixed’ by adding soil, sloping it away!@@#$#@!! Complete nonsense, incompetence.

So if a home inspector or realtor etc were to be at the home in video above, and tell the seller/homeowner they could solve most or all of their leaks by adding soil etc etc, they should be thrown into a portable toilet and set afire, damn skippy. Quit claiming to be or act like you know this friggin subject cuz its fukkking obvious you do not.

So, are you going to enlighten everyone about your sure fix remediation?

I am sure there are several here that will be more than happy to assess your solution…

Which comes first the water or the crack? If you have water but no crack does it leak? If you have a crack and no water does it leak? Just curious

Yes indeed! Inquiring minds would like to know!

For the nth time, find/locate/identifty THE problem(s), where the water first gets in, then fix it correctly.

This is what interior system co’s do NOT do and could care less.

Some HI’s do not DO this either as again, raising and sloping the grade or adding soil or adding 40’ long downspout extensions do not FIX any thing and have not identified the actual problem(s).

For some homeowners, they get water in basement due to a clog or blockage in their lateral line.

Some get water in their basements because of exterior openings/gaps along or above ground level, tuckpointing needs or caulking needs around a door or openings in around-above basement windows and so on.

Many get water in basements because there are cracks or cracked parging on the outside of their block, brick foundation wall(s) , they need exterior waterproofing. Ummmm, have posted quite a few short videos of these!

Still others will get water in their basement because of 1 or more deteriorating, leaky rod holes in poured wall(s).

Some may have a leaky, dripping water line that runs/goes into the basement FLOOR and could cause an accumulation of water under the floor, water-dampness along or up through a floor-crack.

Some may have a floor drain that WAS covered over, cement etc and IT needs to be snaked.

Some who have a sump pump may need to snake the drain tile(s) in the sump PIT…and so on, and so on. FIND the stupid problem/cause, fix it.

When there is drywall or paneling against the wall in the area the homeowner leaks then… it is best to remove some of that in order to see if they have a crack in wall or rod hole that is leaking or water running from the TOP of the wall, down (opening along-above grade).
FIND-DETERMINE the actual cause and then fix it correctly.

Yep, removing some paneling or drywall against a basement wall is indeed sometimes necessary and to not or never recommend THAT, is ignorant.

Inside a leaky basement, there was paneling up against walls. There is mold and efflorescence on walls that ummm, you could not see and then CLEAN if ya didn’t remove the shtty paneling…
SHORT VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ar46RiSkjkM

SAME house…
Here’s a short video of the homeowners ACTUAL problems, exterior cracks, see the corner-crack(s) at :25 mark, this is where the water enters, it is WHY water enters, it is why there is some mold and efflorescence on some inside blocks and it is what needs to be fixed correctly

Another short video of what I mean and how a HI could get their azz sued or lose their fee IF they were to recommend to a homeowner to NOT bother to identify/determine their actual problem and INSTEAD tell them to raise and slope the stupid GRADE! loll
Outside, raised grade… did the raised grade determine that there is a crack in basement wall behind he paneling and a leaky rod hole? NOPE!

Inside the basement, SAME house, the CAUSE…the actual PROBLEMS were behind the stupid paneling which would have led anyone with some common sense to the ONE and only true, long lasting solution, got that?

And to add to the IGNORANCE of some… they not only bother to find/determine a homeowners actual-problem but some tell homeowners other incompetent crap such as… exterior waterproofing is cost prohibitive etc etc, complete nonsense. Example is the job in videos above… cost was $1,250 and that sucker was 7’ deep

If you were in this basement, doing an inspection, you would NOT see any crack in wall where the chimney is yet, they were getting water out of the chimney chute door. This homeowner, like some others, had a 2–part problem where the water was first entering and then that water would come out the chimney chute door

  1. Exterior openings in the chimney BELOW GRADE 2) Exterior openings in chimney above grade
    Had to saw cut about 18" x 5’ of concrete in order to hand dig the area and waterproof 1-part the actual problems.

Concrete was poured UP, raised UP against, above chimney bricks, mortar joints…just like adding soil and sloping that bulllshtt away. Did the concrete solve, seal the actual problems? Nope!

Same goes for recommending mudjacking, concrete leveling… FOR leaky basements. Not too bright.
How would mudjacking 1+ slabs seal/repair/waterproof the BELOW grade defects? Huh? Please answer.

How would mudjacking slabs tuckpoint the other problems in chimney above grade? Huh? Please answer.

Recommending mudjacking is incompetent bs! Not talking about a trip-hazard, duh!!

The recommendations of raising and sloping the grade and 99’ long downspout extensions and mudjacking slabs for leaky basements is… total bs, incompetence.

It’s a WASTE of people’s money!! And when a home inspector tells a homeowner to do those moronic shttball things and that they will stop/solve the leaky basement, they really need to be sued or lose that inspection fee. Sued/lose fee because they opened their trap when they shouldn’t have and recommended shttt that NEVER identified/determined the homeowners ACTUAL EXISTING problem(s)! Your not an expert on the subject yet opened YER trapster so own it, lose it. Got dat?

One more and Bubba will leave you alone, for awhile, and hopefully a few can see and understand the truth, not the myths
2 short videos…
Poured wall, homeowner only leaked about 12" off the corner.

Outside video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyVA73ILPUM
Umm, do you see the crack that is about 12" off the corner? Note-- this crack is NOT visible when you eyeball the inside of wall, got that?

And see the other exterior crevices/gaps where water can enter and that injections do not seal, huh?

Inside duh basement video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx1-hJUwjvg
Yep, that crack you saw outside that is about 1’ off the corner was patched and painted over. And they did a pretty good job on this one of concealing it.

And yep, there is another crack in same wall that we did get, yep.
This area was done for approx. $1,375.

What would quite a few inside system companies charge yer azz to inject 2 cracks and NOT seal the other exterior openings? Exterior waterproofing, they erroneously claim, is cost prohibitive all-most of the time huh? Just another crock of bullshtt.

And sometimes, these inside system companies will come over and give you an estimate, for an injection, and they may not see/bother to look good, the PATCHED and painted over crack and may only give the homeowner an estimate for that diagonal crack and then tell you they can inject that diagonal crack and will also need to install, at least, a partial interior basement system because they don’t see, don’t know, about the other crack, only that it leaks about 1’ off the corner so, how much more $$$$ will that cost ya, huh? A lot more than $1,375! Yeppers

Friggin again… jesssssssssssssssssssus, I ask ya’s, how would raising and sloping the grade, adding stipid azz soil or a dumb azz splishhhhh-splash block, seal/repair/waterproof any and all of those exterior cracks and other openings in the numerous videos posted, which is where the water was entering, huh? Doing that dumb shtt hasn’t, will never, determine-identify the homeowner actual problem!

Lastly we have some home inspectors who like to knock my posts (too long etc) YET, some HI’s articles, blogs etc on this subject are a tad long and pretty much meaningless, not much REAL help to homeowners
Not saying they aren’t good at most of what they inspect but friggin rather, no good on THIS subject so, don’t cry
http://www.hawkeyeinspectors.com/water_in_the_basement.html …install weeping tile baseboard system huh?
Exterior waterproofing in only extreme severe cases huh? looool Get real.

Another, under photos says, ‘The patio sloping towards the house causing basement seepage issues’… nonsense!

Says, ‘Sidewalk slopes towards the house, causing basement seepage issues’… nonsense!

Under another it says, ‘The downspout dumps water too close to the house and should be extended to avoid moisture problems’…yet, no mention that there is a DEFECT, a crack right at that corner, duuh!!

These, and quite a few others are the wrong comments, descriptions, to tell homeowners about their friggin leaky basements, it’s friggin incompetent.

Dear Lord, will some EVER begin to freakin understand this subject, huh? Huh Dear Lord? Got milk?
Bubba has sometimes wondered if God, duh Lord, is a woman, got dat?

Our Lady who art in heaven, hallowed be thy breasts…
Salma Hayek table dance, got milk??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYxxgvA8rlM

Salma and David Letterman talking about bre-STS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyJQNBQBdQA
Duh umm, ya tink Salma would talk to Uncle Bubba about her bresssts? Huh?
Salma, call me at 1-800-got-milk

And trying to stay informative, ‘My Butt Stretch Marks and how to get rid of…’

WRIF rock girl ice bucket challenge , some bouncing and jiggling near the end
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcdNfTJRQh0 … I bet the guy is an interior system bubblehead

WRIF rock girl Taylor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zg6Y5QPXiO8 Taylor, if ya don’t mind before ya go, Bubba would enjoy 40,000 glasses of milk, got dat?

Apparently they just don’t understand or want to, got milk?

Some think they’ve learned all there is from the home inspector course, okie dokie, lots O luck wiff dat.

Okay well, since this subject is too much for ya then maybe, umm, yeah let’s talk about inspecting door bells and hand rails and duh like, maybe i’ll learn something about that important shtt.


There are drugs available to help you in this situation.

If this bothers you this much, maybe you should go check out a job at Wal-Mart…


Hmmm, you asked a question and I answered the mfr thoroughly, jesus k.

In prior posts, including ‘Your Leaking House’ site, you replied… “I absolutely agree” etc

Now you talk shtt.

Wow Kid, you know how to rant!
Maybe you should have a radio show!

Some home inspectors are just like some waterdiverting companies, dumb as a stump. They’ll advertise and try and tell the world how good they supposedly are on their websites etc but the truth is, least on this-subject, many suck.

House for sale in Rochester, was asked to looked at a few things.
They just had a home inspector over $$$.

Home inspector did not say anything or write up anything about 6 vertical cracks in 3 poured walls. 2 of the walls/cracks are pushed in a bit, all have water stains on wall and along floor-wall.

This dumb shtt happens all the time. Have posted quite a few photo albums/videos of the same incompetent crap.

Folks, careful which home inspector you hire! Eh, lool, some don’t even go up on a roof! Get your azz on that roof IF you want to truly inspect the friggin roof, knotheads.

Nachi membership, bye bye. Will not be a supposed-member of of any org where the mebers say one thing and next week, say something totally different, fk that.

Bubba from now on baby! Thanks anyways Mr Roy etc.

BUB----ba, Bub------ba, BUBBBBBBBBB------A… is back.

Holy cow I came on here just now to share a personal experience with my own personal basement and stumbled across this post!

In spite of the dick nature it was presented, I actually do appreciate a lot of the info shared here though. People are just generally more accepting of information if its not crammed up their asses in this manner though…

Anyway, to all the rants of Mr. Anderson, I must say I agree that the problems must be fixed, cracks and the like, I mean its common sense and if somebody actually believes a home inspector when he says a crack doesn’t matter as long as the slope is fixed, well then there’s two dumbasses in the room.

But on the subject of slope, well I say that it absolutely does matter, and can matter a lot. I own a house with perfect basement walls, 100% crack free, perfectly parged on the outside, pilasters every 8 feet on the inside, perimeter drain around the outside of the footing that empties over the hill. The patio out back measures 12x24 and and has settled and slopes towards the house. I told myself that I would eventually have it mudjacked, and definitely before I do the finish work in the basement for the theatre room I had planned, but I procrastinated because I know how perfect my walls are.

Then the rain hit, 8 inches in a few short days, 4 inches in one 24 hour period. Do the math that’s 1,436 gallons of water sheeting off the patio alone straight down the foundation wall. Perimeter drain flowing awesome out of the hillside to the creek, but none the less water seeped under the wall between the wall and footing. Two tiny spots the size of pencil lead where water seeped in from under, and trickled across the floor to the floor drain a few feet away. It was no big deal because it was just a concrete floor unfinished, but now I knew.

So, mudjacked the patio, installed French drain across the front of it and took it out with the gutter water drain. Then, this year, record breaker flooding in Indiana, massive rains for 2 weeks straight, I don’t even know how much we got but it was more than I have ever seen in my lifetime here. Not a drop in my basement.

So, fix the walls yes indeed, HI’s should write up cracks absolutely. But slope the damn ground too man. Why invite the freekin water? Steer it away, set your walls up for success. Get the gutter water away, keep it away. And DONT drill holes in your walls inside and invite it into those stupid interior drain baseboard systems! Holy cow that’s like putting the termite bate inside your house!

Thank you for sharing your story.

Another one, my first house I ever bought, it had just had a new sepctic system installed just before I bought it, and when they knocked a hole in the foundation block to run a new 4" PVC waste drain to the septic tank they did not mortar around it worth a crap.

The ground had settled quite a bit from the excavation, and there was a downspout right there. I had water in that crawlspace every time it rained that first winter and spring there, so I altered the downspout location, built the ground up and sloped away, no more water in crawlspace. Then when it warmed up I hand dug down and properly mortared and waterproofed.

All or nothing is what I always say. Don’t invite it, steer it away, but if it comes anyway be prepared by having well sealed walls!

LOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllll, ‘dick nature’ huh?

Got news for some of ya’s, there are quite a few HI’s who have done videos and articles on this-subject… in a DICKHEAD nature, and have had quite a few replies from HI’s in a DICKDEAD NATURE, fc n a! Can you folks stop acting like puzzies please, huh!

The attitude of some HI’s is alllllllll fk’d up.

I have said many times, go ahead and slope the dumb azz GRADE away.

Have posted many photos, videos where the fkkkking grade had been raised and sloped away and-or, where 1+ slabs had settled and the homeowners had those slabs mudjacked… and they still leaked!

Have also said many times, FIND the stooooooooooooopid fkg problem, the actual reason(s) WHY and WHERE the water is coming in and then, duh… FIX IT!

Yes, try and divert some surface water away, fine!

Throughout nearly 4 fk me DECADES in this fk me business, have seen many homes bought and sold and many had a home inspection. Many of these homes had 1 or more leaky areas in the fk me basement and quite a few home inspectors said the problem was the ‘grade’… nope, they were NOT. The real problems (as to why those basements leaked) were NOT the stoooooooopid grade etc etc.

Some of ya’s are going to sit there and tell my dumb azz what I have witnessed, seen for almost 40 years is… all bulllshttt???

Your going to reply on this message board and try and tell me that all the photos and videos I have posted are… bullllshttt???

Eh, you have at least 1 diiiickhead Nachi member up in Canada–land who is TRULY a diiickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk----head. A LYING piece of shtttttttttt!!! Go call a real diiikkkhead, a dikkkkkkhead.

Ya know, the original video, the first video I posted… should show/prove to many DUMB AZZ"Z wtf I mean… here’s the video again…
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INFPk66SG1g … you don’t have 3-4 minutes to watch, understand, huh?

The back and front GRADE of this house was raised and sloped away!!!

Then some dumb azz interior basement system company bulllshttt’d yet another homeowner into an interior system and sump pump… the homeowners continued to leak, hello!!!

The grade was raised and sloped, PLUS, an interior basement system was installed… $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Raising the grade did NOT find, did not identify/determine… the multiple exterior cracks… defects.
Raising the grade did NOT repair/waterproof the multiple exterior cracks.

Same fkkkkkg thing with installing the interior basement system!!!
IT…the system NOR the azz hole company who recommend it, installed it, did NOT determine/find the actual existing problems!!! The basement continued to LEAK!!!

So the homeowners then found, called my dumbazz! We identified the actual-existing problems and then… duh, repaired/waterproofed those problem areas!
The homeowners will need MORE exterior waterproofing done in the future, yep. Exxxxplained that to them, showed them… WHY!!! loooolllll
All they wanted at this–point–in–time was, the areas that leaked in basement, fixed correctly.

So supposedly… i am a dickkkkkhead for being honest with EVERY homeowner and their problem huh?
The interior system companies aren’t dikkkheads huh?
The home inspectors who missed the actual problems and ONLY solution aren’t dikkheads huh?

It’s fk me clearly OBVIOUS that some NACHI hi’s… have this subject wrong, in part or the entire approach, and THEY are some of the dkkkheads because they are not fkkkking helping their g dang PAID clients. In fact, they are often fkkking over these homeowners, intentionally or not.

Here’s 2 more short videos, if some really want to understand this subject, they’ll take a few minutes and watch the mfrs, if not fine, but shut the fk up.

Part 1, the concrete outside and a stupid pathetic little drain outside…

Are some home inspectors trying to be a complete ignorant azz and tell an honest expert he is wrong? Really?
So, should the homeowners who own this house, should they have listened to some HI’s and maybe mudjacked the slab instead of waterproofing this one small area where they leaked?

Part 2, here is why, where they leaked, where water entered and NEWS for ya’s, mudjacking a slab doesn’t repair/seal/waterproofed ANYTHING, any of the exterior openings now does it, helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooo!