Homeowner added soil/raised the grade. Did that stop water from entering basement?

Poured basement walls, homeowner ONLY got water in basement UP HIGH on poured walls, no cracks in walls, no leaky rod holes, just the exterior openings you see in photos.

The LAST 3 photos are of the water, water stains etc inside the basement.

Question for the home inspectors who tell buyers/sellers they can ‘fix–solve’ most leaky basements by adding soil, sloping it away…#-o#-o#-o#-o#-o

So here is another homeowner who raised and sloped the grade, they also did ALOT of regrading etc in the entire backyard so, did adding soil and sloping the dumb soil away FIND/IDENTIFY/DETERMINE who and where the water was entering and…](,)](,)](,)](,)](,) did adding soil etc seal/fix the exterior openings that ALLOWED water into the basement???

And the interior basement system knuckleheads would have talked/bs’d the homeowners into an interior system that would NOT have stopped the water from entering, jesus peeps, wake up.

The inside KNOTHEADS would likely have placed bright wall or other junk against the basement walls and hid the water, mold etc… duh!!! That’s not waterproofing you morons, g damn man.

Well there isn’t much question why that one leaks Mark.

No amount of piled up dirt is gonna fix that mess.

YOU ‘get it’ Mr. Larson so, ummmmm, why doesn’t so many other home, city inspectors, realtors, landscapers, inside system companies etc etc?

Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllll, idiots

Mark, one size does not fit all.

Negative grade bad, duh!
Gutters with extensions help (for awhile.)
Overhangs help, (for awhile.)

Bringing grade up to windows? Well use your head duh!

I still suggest checking grade, using downspout extensions ect but I never call interior water mitigation waterproofing, that would be lying. What’s correct is seldom done because a good salesman can convince educated people that moving water out is waterproofing and keeping water out is never mentioned because in many cases its scary for someone to think they should have their foundation dug out and proper waterproofing done.

here’s a teeniw weeeeeeeeeeenie example of what I mean, former home inspector of 20 years, on duh radio now… tells homeowners adding soil, gutters etc SOLVES 99% of WET basements… looLOlOloll!!

Read the 4th LAST paragraph… and NO insight into what the CHTTT a few of us know and try like hlll to inform people about (such as the photos in 1st link, the REAL problems)

Many other HI’s, and others, have similar bulllshttt on their own websites on this subject, it’s nonsense and incompetent.

i have never said, one size fits all.

Have always said, find/identify where the water is truly, actually first–entering and ummm, then fix it.

And most of the time, not always, the problems are exterior openings (other than basement back ups which has zero to do with a need for an interior system)

37 years of doing this biiitach azz job has shown me/ many others just that.
Duh diff is, I don’t bllllsht anyone,
And because I don’t, I’m a friggin poor sob versus, the many piece of shtt human inside system shttheads who lie to homeowners every g damn day and make a ton, mfrs.

i drove to Freeland MI this morning to help a homeowner, 3 1/2 hour round trip, asked for nothing.

Again, another home that had the grade raised right up to the siding, and sloped away. It also had a shallow exterior french drain, pipe… did any that garbage FIND and then fix, the homeowners actual problems? Nope, never does, sowy.

Oh, and I’ve never said ALL home inspectors are wrong on this subject but, indeed they are many who are and been wrong for a looooong g damn time.

Endless videos, articles on this supposed bullshhtt of preventing water in basements with pffftttt proper grading, come on!

Where’s anything said about finding/identifying how 'n where the dumb azz water is allowed to enter the dumb azz basements? NUTTIN about that, zero, grade grade grade… is wrong wrong wrong, yep, yep, yep.

That right there tells me bunches about you. Yep!
You are inexperienced to say the least…


well Mr Lewis, I bet your another HI who knows all about leaky basements huh

OH! So I have your feathers fluffed up!
That tell me something about you as well.
OK! I give in.
Piling dirt along a wall never helps for moisture intrusion…HUH?
Mr. Anderson if I can help I will, but I hate stupid questions form an inspector that is charging their clients.

Duh umm Mr Lewis, i am not an HI.
And part of my fkkking POINT is, many of YOU home inspectors, some right here at Nachi, are total fk ups on THIS subject, you read?

Another smart azz nachi biitach, fc you people, got that?

Your clients get screwed because you idiots don’t know chtt of what you should on this subject. ALL need to be sued for recommending incompetent buslllhttt to unknowing homeowners.

Obviously you are not because you don’t have a frigging clue of what graded is . Or your alligator mouth wouldn’t be over shooting off its parakeet a ss.
As a student you need to quit.

I haven’t done it in a long time , but I just reported your post.

No, I don’t have nary a clue of what graded is, nope, only HI’s like you know that. Yeah, I’m a student, poor me.

Go back to flippin’ burgers!

You can report my fcg post to the dkg White House, FBI and anyone else you like mister.

Mark did you know that Roy is a former builder???
Go figure.:wink:

Hey Slimas
I’m still a builder.