Another homeowner ripped off, lied to etc by an interior basement system company

Jennifer Suits aka Jennifer in Mo, you were lied to, misled, bs’d, ripped off by whatever company you hired.

You have multiple cracks in your hollow block walls… OUTSIDE.
The dumb az cracks, other openings are on the EXTERIOR block walls and THAT is where the water is getting into the dumb blocks.

It is also why you have quite a bit of mold and efflorescence on some of the inside blocks.

There is only one way to fix these exterior cracks, ummm, on the outside!

NO interior basement system with 330 sump pumps will fix/solve your problems, period!

The ‘junk’, aka paneling, they attached to your lower blocks is just-that, junk/garbage.

You have cracks like-these on the outside of those walls…
And who knows, you may also have some exterior openings above-ground as well.

So this is what THEY should have told you, and fixed.
Jennifer says, ‘the sump pump is working’. That’s nice BUTT, whether the sump was working OR not, that is NOT your problem or solution.

sure no need to leave a water bowl out for the kitty down there…just sayin…

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHAAAAWWWWW! looooooooooooooooooooool

The rain, the park, Jennifer, and interior basement bozo-brain systems

I saw her sitting in the wet basement, raindrops coming through duh walls, she didn’t seem TA care, she just sat there and smiled at Uncle Bubba.
Then Bubba knew (he knew he knew he knew he knew)
he could make her happy, Happy, HAPPY! :mrgreen:

“Our drainage system was installed by Bonded Waterproofing installers approximately 2 weeks prior to this video being taken”

‘That was your FIRST MISTAKE’ :-k

Most likely, there are either cracks etc on the exterior of wall etc and-or, a blockage etc in the lateral line.

They should have told/explained to you to have the lateral line checked/snaked by an honest plumber before you spent 1 cent on another garbage-can interior basement system.

BOTTOM LINE, they should have found/determined/identified the ACTUAL problem(s) first, and NOT talk you/others directly into an interior drainage system.

And how about that wide GAP along perimeter… can you say RADON…huh?

TOO many people leaking underground,
too many reaching for an inside system.
Too many homeowners pulled and pushed around,
too many getting sold a piece of cake. :wink: P McCartney
…that was your first mistake.

High heel sneakers, head TA toe in lace